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Retail Banking Infographics

Generate a positive Customer Experience in

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Retail Banking Infographics

  1. 1. The Retail Banking World has changed Banking transactions have doubled. They’re mobile, online and social. 1.  Capgemini - World Retail Banking Report 2014 2.  Boston Consulting Group - Operational Excellence in Retail Banking 2014 3.  Capgemini - World Retail Banking Report 2014 Modern CX in Retail Banking Do you have a strategy for growing relationships across channels? 2X growth in transactions in 8 years1 50X growth expected from online & mobile transactions2 10% of customers use social media at least once a week to interact with their bank3 Have will you changed to stay competitive? Connect Every Interaction Your Customer Has With Your Brand 1.  Complete: All divisions of Bank collaborate together to deliver seamless customer experience 2.  Cross Channel: Ensure consistent user experience across all channels: Mobile, Web, Branch, Contact Center 3.  Insightful & Actionable: Guarantee effectiveness of cross-sell and upsell by delivering timely insights leveraging 4.  Agile: Industry Best Practice and agile process orchestration. Deliver products and services to market faster Oracle Customer Experience for Retail Banking Start modernizing today: www.oracle.com/cx