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EnerEscolas is an energy efficiency management system in schools, for integration in school curriculum

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  1. 1. Monitor, Experiment and Learn! EnerEscolas Energy Consumption EnerEscolas is a system of remote management and energy Monitoring System for efficiency totally dedicated to schools. Educational Institutions Schools have an essential role in society and the buildings themselves are frequented by large numbers of people for many hours everyday, which is reflected in high energy costs. These costs are a significant portion of the global energy consumption and Monitor the directly effect the energy bill and the amount of greenhouse gases consumption of your that are released into the atmosphere. school! ISA has developed EnerEscolas to face several challenges: Decrease your ecological footprint! Promote efficiency; Reduce real costs; Reduce energy Provide information on consumption, costs! the ecological footprint and an energy profile; Add an hands on and entertaining element to the Teach to save! students’ curriculum. Our Partners: DC189;ED01
  2. 2. EnerEscolas www.isasensing.com info@isasensing.com For the whole community Components • Automatic collection of data: A web portal to gather school communities throughout the world in a social network! • Data integration with the school network • Centralized management platform For students • Data visualization in real time • Interactive educational software, targeted at different age groups and disciplines to carry out experimental learning and leisure; Physics Concept of energy Teaching software for entertaining learning and enriching school environment regarding energy, consumption and the environment. Chemistry Carbon cycle For the school Natural Energy and life, ways of Sciences generating alternatives Interaction of energy with the Geography climate, environmental impacts ISA Portugal Rua D. Manuel I, 92 All information collected is available to the 3030-320 Coimbra school managers through an easy-to-use Phone: +351 239 791 090 EUROPEAN UNION Regional Development European Fund Fax: +351 239 791 099 management platform.