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5 Family Search Apps and Indexing

  1. Module 5 – Indexing and Apps
  2. Module 5 Index - Indexing and Apps ● Tell Me About Indexing 3 ● How to Index 5 ● Applications to Use with FamilySearch 17 ● BillionGraves 20 ● Record Seek 21 ● TreeSeek 22 ● Relative Finder 23 ● Puzzilla 24 ● RootsMapper 25 ● Find A Grave 26 ● Family Tree by FamilySearch 27 ● Games for Kids/Grandkids 28
  3. Tell Me About Indexing... Indexing is the process of digitizing records. Indexing is something that everyone can learn and do. Indexing can be done from your own computer. Indexing can be done whenever you have free time. Indexing helps all people to find their ancestors.
  4. Indexed Records are the Fuel for Record Hints... Record Hints Billions of indexed records are automatically searched and matched--over 95% are correct matches!
  5. How to Index... Indexing makes records searchable online. These records fuel the Record Hints and allow people to find sources. Click on Indexing in either of these two places.
  6. Indexing... Click here to get started
  7. Indexing... Download the program onto your computer. After downloading the program, scroll down this webpage for Indexing Help.
  8. Indexing... Click here and….
  9. Indexing... ….as this page opens, scroll to the bottom. The Basic Indexing Guidelines are a great resource. These other items are a great help as well…especially the Handwriting Helps
  10. Indexing... Double Click on the desktop icon to start the program Sign in with your FamilySearch Username and Password
  11. Indexing... When the program opens, click on “Download Batch” This window will open. Choose a project and click OK.
  12. Indexing... When the project opens, this window will open to remind you to read the Project Instructions at the beginning of each project.
  13. Indexing... As you scroll to the bottom of the project instructions, you will find additional information.
  14. Indexing... Using the Field Help to guide you, choose an Image Type for each image in the project.
  15. Indexing... Using either the Table Entry or Form Entry, input the information for each item. Be sure to read the Field Help for each item that needs to be indexed. Some items need to be marked Blank.
  16. Hover over and click each item in the tool bars to learn how they can help you with indexing. Indexing...
  17. Applications to Use with FamilySearch... Go to the FamilySearch homepage. Then scroll to the bottom. Click on App Gallery
  18. Applications to Use with FamilySearch... Click on the arrow for Categories This small window will open. Click on All Categories
  19. Applications to Use with FamilySearch... Right now there are 90 different applications (or apps) that will connect with your FamilySearch account. This number is increasing all the time. The next pages will review some of them.
  20. BillionGraves... Billiongraves is a free app that you download onto your device. It allows you to take pictures of headstones and download them onto their website. The headstones are then searchable on the website.
  21. Record Seek... RecordSeek is a free app that helps you attach a website source to a profile on FamilySearch
  22. TreeSeek... TreeSeek is a free app that connects to your FamilySearch account and creates a printable fan chart of your family tree.
  23. Relative Finder... RelativeFinder is a free app that reports how you are related to famous authors, US presidents, famous Europeans, European royalty, Mayflower passengers, Declaration signers, Constitution signers, and many others.
  24. Puzzilla... Puzzilla is a free app that connects to your FamilySearch account and helps you with your descendancy research.
  25. RootsMapper... Rootsmapper is a free app that allows you to easily visualize the migration patterns of your ancestors.
  26. Find A Grave... FindAGrave is not in the App Gallery, but is another great resource Go to And then click here to search records.
  27. Family Tree by FamilySearch... The Family Tree app can be downloaded to your device and allows you to view the profiles of people on your FamilySearch account. It also allows you to add photos, stories, and even audio. On a trip visiting family? Take pictures or record a story and download them onto your FamilySearch account using the Family Tree app on your phone!
  28. Games for Kids and Grandkids... For a small fee, Little Family Tree can be downloaded to your device and then used to engage toddlers and pre-school children with their personal family history through photos, games, and activities designed for their level.
  29. Games for Kids and Grandkids... Play the classic Match Game with pictures of your ancestors.
  30. Games for Kids and Grandkids... In Fast Photo Game, you click (or swipe if you have a touch screen) on pictures on your ancestors before time runs out, while avoiding non-ancestors.
  31. Games for Kids and Grandkids... Using the information from your FamilySearch account, Lifes Journey Game is a game to help you learn important dates. Collide with clouds with correct information and avoid birds and clouds with incorrect facts.
  32. Games for Kids and Grandkids... Scrambled Tree Game helps you to become more familiar with your ancestors’ names and faces.
  33. Games for Kids and Grandkids…. Geneopardy is not found in the App Gallery but was developed by the same group that created RelativeFinder. Go to the above website, log into your FamilySearch account, and then have fun playing the game!
  34. Two Sisters