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  1. 1. 1 Loick Tanguy 191 rue Saint Denis – Paris - 75002 - France Mobile France : +33 6 19 81 07 54 - Skype : loicktanguy loick.tanguy@icloud.com SUM M ARY - Business Development and Project Management professional with experience in Technology, Consulting and Media/Entertainment industries. - Deep understanding of International media cultures and its business environment, appointed to key global management roles with P&L responsibility,. - Entrepreneurial mindset, strategic thinker and passionate about leading new project ventures and driving innovation for Digital, Gaming and Entertainment/Media industries. - Specialized in New media consumer behaviours, IT marketing and digital data. - Deep international Digital/Media/Entertainment companies network. Seeking Positions: Senior marketing /distribution / Digital project / BuzDev director PROFILE KEYWORDS Content : Online2Offline, mobile2stores, digital/connected retail content, Entertainment contents, E-commerce Technical: SmartTV, Cloud gaming, Streaming, Social networks, I-beacons, image recognition, augmented reality, loyalty programs, mobile payment, NFC, Virtual worlds, gaming ergonomics, PC/Mac/IOS/Android, etc. Consumer: New media/games consumer’s behaviour, enriched digital marketing, consumers data’s, big data. Internal organization: for Start-up/SMBE/Agencies seeking for 360 degrees consumer strategies: crucial moves for organizations (marketing/retail/CRM/IT/Dev teams) to build global digital/connected clients offers and set up the right transitional management. Territories: Asia, Europe PROFILE ASSETS  Expertise in digital content (sales and marketing) : O2O-mobile2stores-digital entertainment-  Project management for retail/games/lifestyle smartphones app and associated website.  Worked for key MNC’s such as Vivendi Universal Games/Activision, Mattel, Virgin Interactive, and P&G.  Also has solid experience for start-up and medium sized companies : Set up 2 successful start-ups  During 9 years, managed sales, marketing and development of diverse online/mobile platforms (site+app) in Asia o China, Korea, SEA, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong  Types of clients I work with : o Digital players : Chinamobile,Renren,Samsung,Alibaba, MSN,Singtel,Yahoo,Maxis,SFR,Orange, ... o Brands and retailers : Sephora, Etam, Skechers, Puma, Hola, Yves Rocher, Clarins, Peugeot … o Agencies : Zenith Optimedia, Mindshare, Decaux, Kinetic ...  Able to streamline the management of marketing/project and finance teams, which helped lower operationalcosts and improved revenue  Expertise in licensed brand (IP) management product as : Garfield, Barbie, Fisher-Price, Franklin, Disney, Hasbro etc  My significant and seasoned experiences in this digital business segments position me as an excellent fit for any employer seeking a team-player who can contribute value in sales/marketing for complex and competitive markets.  My willingness and freedom to travel may be another asset.
  2. 2. 2 CAREER HISTORY Mediaparticipation group interactive division : Anuman/Microids int video game publisher Aug 2012 – present Shanghai and Paris - digitaldistribution Buz dev + trade marketinge-distribution Transmedia Creative Labs/WALKIN, shopping/O2O apppublisher - Aug 2011 – Jun 2015 Shanghai- China - Co-Owner - VP sales and marketing Nexway/Boonty Asia , downloadable Digital content ww provider Jul 2009 – Mar 2011 Singapore - South East Asia CountryManager OUAT Entertainment , video game development studio Jun 2004 - Jul 2009 Paris - Co-Owner/Marketing, Publishing& Business Development Vivendi Universal Games/Activision (worldwide HQ in France) Jun 2001 – Jun 2004 Paris - Worldwide - Vice President Editorial & Marketing Strategy Mattel Interactive (European HQ in France) Dec 1997 - Jun 2001 Paris - MarketingDirector(Europe/France) Virgin Interactive, Frenchsubsidiary (partof Viacomgroup) Oct 1994 - Dec 1997 Paris - Brand & Trade marketing Manager TDK France, France (Japanese HQ) Dec 1992 - Oct 1994 Paris - Senior Marketing Manager Procterand Gamble (Eastarea of France) Jan 1990 - Dec 1992 Reims - Regional Sales Representative ASIA AND INTERNATION AL BUSINESS EX POSURE Transmedia Creative Labs/WALKIN VP sales and marketing Transmedia is a company developing Online 2 Offline (O2O) location based services approaches formajor retailers thru smart-phones (IOS and Android). We approach retail and brands w ith top notch technologies and concepts to create real CONNECTED stores (Image recognition/Augmented Reality/digital coupons/I-Beacons/M-Payment... ). Main Apps : Walkin - Home Design 3D - Shazart -360 virtualstores Overall Management of marketing and sales team : 8 Chinese people Direct relationship w ith GM and CEO, digital and marketing teams of our brands partners Main achievement : Walkin is an O2O app on the Chinese market w ith more than 35 major brands as Etam, Sephora. l'Oreal group, Asobio, Puma, Mabelle, Skechers, Lee etc. Walkin just launch in China the I-Beacon technology in 600 stores , 2 months after Apple in the USA, . Anuman Interactive Asia Asia business dev consultant As partner in WALKIN in the heart of Digital, I kept a foot in the video games industry and accompany the publisher ANUMAN to find the best publishing partner across ASIA. ANUMAN is specialized in casualGames multiformats (IOS, Androids, MAC and PC dow nload) Direct relationship w ith major game publishers and actors across Asia : Renren, Changyou, Tencent, Samsung, LG, Singtel , Unity games, Line, Kakao , YAHOO, msn, HUAWEI , TCL etc. Main achievement : Signature of games publishing agreements w ith Samsung/LGKorea, China mobile, Unity games China etc. Nexway/Boonty Asia, Singapore South East Asia Countries manager Overall Management of finance, technical development, marketing and business development of the Singaporean/SEA office. Sale, market and manage dow nloadable games and software online channels for partner as Yahoo, MSN, Singtel, Maxis, Telecom Indonesia,INDOSAT and more (B2B2C) Main achievement: After accounting, marketing and sales strategy re-direction, this Asian subsidiary of the French group Nexway was profitable this year (2010) for the first time in 5 years. OUAT Entertainment game studio Co-Owner/Marketing, Publishing & BD Managed content publishing and development of games w ith a development team of 30 people Managed brand acquisition negotiations Managed partner/client relationships as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Marathon, Hasbro Main achievement: Grew from5 to 25 employees to achieve US$2.5 million per year, starting fromscratch Vivendi Universal Games/Activision Vice President Editorial & Marketing Strategy
  3. 3. 3 (worldwide HQ in France) Managed content and marketing development of the internal kids studio: Coktel Facilitated w orldwide brand management for Vivendi universal brands, targeting kids and teens: licensing, book publishing, video and TV broadcasting, music publication Main achievement:Worldwide deployment of two main brands acrossalldivisions of the group (TV series,Interactive TV, books, magazines, music, games, internet): ADI and Adiboo. Revenue generated: €40 millions per year Mattel Interactive Marketing Director Europe (European HQ in France) Managed business development, publishing and marketing strategy for the European Mattel games division Managed interactive applications of Barbie, Fisher Price, Hotw heels, Sesame Street, Rugrats, National Geography, Berlitz, Myst, Prince of Persia, Creature, etc. Main achievement:Introduction for the first time in Europe of interactive games and content coming fromMattel USA. Revenue generated US$60 million a year. Virgin Interactive Brand & Trade marketing Manager French subsidiary(partof Viacomgroup) Managed all the trade marketing activities for games distributed by the company on diverse supports included PlayStation, Saturn, Nintendo 64, Pc’s, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, NES, Comodore Managed catalogue including Resident Evil, Lands of Lord, Command and Conquer, SimCity, Hasbro Interactive, Disney Interactive, France Television Interactive Main achievement:Group manager for launching the first game ever on CD ROM: 7th Guest - 11th hour TDK France, France Senior Marketing Manager (Japanese HQ) Managed the trade and marketing activity for blank software: audio-video tapes, CD-ROM, Floppy, DVD, DAT Procterand Gamble France Sales Representative Sales representative for health and beauty care products division; products included Oil of Olay, Petrol Hahn, Vidal Sassoon, Pantene, Zest, Camay, Monsavon EDUCA TION  Descaff, BusinessSchool, EMN (Ecole de Management de Normandie), 1990 – equivalent to MBA  DUT, IUT(Institut universitaire de technologie de Nantes), Accounts and Finance specialization – equivalent to Finance UniversityDegree  Bachelor in Economics, Bac B - Externat des Enfants Nantais, 1985 OTHERS  Proficient in Microsoft Office Applications, Lotus, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InternetSurvey Tools  Proficient in English and French  Notions in Chinese HOBBIES  Set up networking eventsand socialsharing aboutabout mobile@storesan O2O activities  Traveland Diving activities – Decoration – Gardening  Love video Games, TV series and movies  Dance