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Design leadership and experience management

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In the Customer Age design has become the business most powerful ally in the challenge to create and offer products and services that can provide superior quality experiences.

More and more often we are invited to assume the leadership role in the projects we are involved in, bridging the request coming from all the stakeholders and from the users and follow the entire project life through an experience management approach.

Experience centered design is thus becoming the new frontier that we, as design, are called to cross.

So how design can assume the role of strategic partner in the daily experience management? I will present some real cases regarding big and complex projects in which we have played this role and the methods, tools and best practices that can be used in this delicate process.

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Design leadership and experience management

  1. 1. Design Leadership and Experience Management
  2. 2. Hi
  3. 3. We are in the customer age
  4. 4. today people want enriched experiences that improve their life
  5. 5. experience drives business
  6. 6. Customers reward companies whose products and services exceed their expectations. Companies that address this shift by building their business around a brand of listening and working with customers become and stay profitable over time. − Forrester CX Reports 2013, Forbes CX 2012, Wolffolins Game Changers Report 2012
  7. 7. experience drive business 40%purchasing 85%loyalty Report “Customer Experience ROI” Forrester
  8. 8. We must create products and services that arouse a great end-to-end experience that exceed people expectations. The new goal
  9. 9. example Shyp
  10. 10. Beautifull & seamless experience
  11. 11. Trusting & awareness
  12. 12. In the last 10 years, Design-driven companies outperformed the S&P 500 
 by 228% Apple Coca-Cola Ford Herman-Miller IBM Intuit Newell-Rubbermaid Nike Procter & Gable Starbucks Starwood Steelcase Target Walt Disney Whirpool ...
  13. 13. Brand & language design
  14. 14. Product design
  15. 15. JOIN THE LOOP LOGIN APPLICATION VALUE PROPOSITION JOIN THE LOOP PAIR A DEVICE WALLET ADD DO YOU WANT TO PAY WITH LOOP? FOR YOUR SECURITY WE NEED TO VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY NOT NOW YES LET’S GO YOU’LL NED A LOOP DEVICE FULL NAME E-MAIL PASSWORD FOB CHARGE CASE BUY ONE BILLING ADDRESS ADDRESS CITY STATE 1. BILLING ADDRESS 2. SSN NUMBER 3. SSN VERIFY PAIRING FLOW CONGRATS! YOU SYNCED ALL YOUR DEVICES NOW YOU ARE SKIP THIS ENTER MANUALLY WHY I NEED THE FOB? DOWNLOAD CARDS FROM YOUR BANK BANK NAME BANK NAME CARD DOWNLOAD FLOW CONGRATS! YOU ADDED 3 CARDS TO YOUR WALLET. SKIP THIS BANK NAME ALL CARD NAME ADD THE FIRST CARD TO YOUR WALLET ADD ENTER MANUALLY TAKE A PHOTO NO DEVICE ATTACHED YOUR CARDS CARD NAME CARD NAME CARD NAME CARD NAME CARD NAME CARD NAME CARD NAME CARD NAME CARD NAME 3241 4242 1242 4212 LUCA MASCARO 10/17 3241 4242 1242 4212 LUCA MASCARO 10/17 CVV TEL EXPIRE 652 (023) 323-421 10/17 TAP TO PAY TAP TO PAY 320$ LEFT 320$ LEFT 121 POINTS CREATING THE ACCOUNT With a full name, an email and a password a basic user is created. Loop now can promote products and services. EXPOSING THE ECOSYSTEM The user now understands that Loop is an ecosystem of useful services and devices. POPULATING THE WALLET The connection with card providers let the user to immediately use the wallet. CREATE THE NEED The wallet must be valuable by itself, but the interface should remember what is missing for the full experience. EASY ACCESS Directly from the list the user can access to the most important information of the card. If the user paired the card with his bank account, also the card balance is displayed. HELP AND SELL Why I need to use a Fob? Help the user could also be a good upselling point 01. Welcome 02. Joining the Loop 04. Loop devices' first sight03. Retriving card data 05. Adopt the wallet 06. Use the wallet The smartphone is LoopReady? Yes No Interaction design
  16. 16. Design & experience research
  17. 17. Service & system design
  18. 18. Strategic & business design
  19. 19. The impact of design on the experience sign print symbols lvl 1 Communication brand product systems lvl 2 Utility service ecosystems information interaction lvl 3 Touchpoint business governement process policy lvl 4 Strategy
  20. 20. the real big difference understand and shape the whole experience design systems and services deliver touchpoint deliver touchpoint
  21. 21. Real cases where designers have a new approach and new roles inside the product team
  22. 22. experience centered design Experience management Design leadership
  23. 23. Experiences • expected • lived • remembered understand
  24. 24. Experiences • expected • lived • remembered understand Opportunities • pains • gains identify !
  25. 25. Experiences • expected • lived • remembered understand Opportunities • pains • gains identify ! Change • generate • synthesize define !
  26. 26. Experiences • expected • lived • remembered understand Opportunities • pains • gains identify ! Change • generate • synthesize define ! Touchpoints • products • services • systems deliver !
  27. 27. Experiences • expected • lived • remembered understand Opportunities • pains • gains identify ! Change • generate • synthesize define ! Touchpoints • products • services • systems deliver !
  28. 28. new moments, practices and tools for the team guided by designers experience management & design leadership
  29. 29. Leadership Experience mapping
  30. 30. Management Field research
  31. 31. Leadership Co-design workshop
  32. 32. Leadership Open design workshop
  33. 33. Leadership Exploration workshop
  34. 34. Management Design languages
  35. 35. Management Envisioning and scenarios
  36. 36. Leadership Manage the end-to-end value for the user
  37. 37. Management Design pair
  38. 38. Management Rapid prototyping and experiments
  39. 39. Leadership Design review
  40. 40. Management Agile testing
  41. 41. Leadership Experience testing (validation)
  42. 42. Management End-to-end quality check
  43. 43. How?
  44. 44. Start practicing this design activities inside your team and integrate design leaders in your organization
  45. 45. Thank you @lucamascaro www.sketchin.ch