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How mentoring programs can help newcomers get started with open source

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As adoption of Open Source code and development practices continues to gain momentum, more newcomers have become interested in getting involved and contributing to Open Source. However, it's usually not easy for newcomers to start contributing to open source projects. This session will discuss how mentoring programs can ease the way for newcomers to get started with open source, and will provide an overview of existing mentoring programs such as Google Summer of Code and our in-house Apache Mentoring Programme.

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How mentoring programs can help newcomers get started with open source

  1. 1. How mentoring programs can help newcomers get started with open source Luciano Resende lresende@apache.org http://lresende.blogspot.com
  2. 2. Agenda •  Apache Community Development (ComDev) PMC •  Why Mentoring ? •  Available Programs – Google Summer of Code – Google Code-In – Apache Mentoring Programme •  Finding Project Ideas •  Finding Mentors
  3. 3. Community Development Why Apache is so successful ? The Apache Way Community over code
  4. 4. Community Development •  Created to foster greater community and help others understand how the ASF works and give you the confidence to work more directly
  5. 5. Why Mentoring ? Open Source Project
  6. 6. Why Mentoring Open Source Project Mentor
  7. 7. Why Mentoring ? •  What to expect from the mentor – Will help you get familiar with the open source community, and help you interact with the existent community – Your mentor might also help with technical questions/issues, but this might not be a complete requirement
  8. 8. What mentoring programs are available ?
  9. 9. Google Summer of Code
  10. 10. Google Summer of Code •  Goals – Inspire students to engage in open source development and also give them more exposure to real-world software development scenarios •  Eligibility Requirements – Must be 18 years old by program announcement/start – Must be a student.
  11. 11. Google Summer of Code •  Restrictions – Code only – Summer only – Students only
  12. 12. Google Summer of Code •  How it works ? Project Ideas Project Proposals Mentoring