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El señor de las moscas 2

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El señor de las moscas 2

  1. 1. "Before the second World War I believed in theperfectability of social (...) I am thinking of the vilenessbeyond all words that went on, year after year, in thetotalitarian states. (...) They were done (...) by men witha tradition of civilisation behind them, to beings of theirown kind.” (John McClean)
  2. 2. “(...) we must reject the easy simplification that evil isthe manifestation of something animal or primitive. Itis in fact a complex human phenomenon.” (JohnMcClean)
  3. 3. “(...) object relations and any wish on the part of theself to experience the need for an object and todepend on it are devalued, and attacked anddestroyed with pleasure.” (John McClean)
  4. 4. “The nightmare is the infantile terror of being totallyunconnected with the parent, and at the mercy of theexternal world and one’s internal phantasies.” (JohnMcClean)
  5. 5. “Masked in omnipotence”Goldin, W. “Lord of the Flies”. Faber.
  6. 6. Características narcisismo/obra.
  7. 7. La cáscara de la conchaTexto
  8. 8. Las gafas de Piggy
  9. 9. El fuego
  10. 10. El pelo de Ralph
  11. 11. La isla
  12. 12. ••••••••••••••••
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