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This slideshow presentation consists of the three ways I share media.

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  1. 1. Luz Tapia SLIDE SHARE
  2. 2. Instagram  One way I share media would be through Instagram. Instagram is basically a place where you upload photos for everyone that follows you, they’re able to see them. It is also just as good for viewing photos too.
  3. 3. Youtube  Youtube is a video sharing app. Although I do not ever post videos on an account or anywhere, I do use Youtube to view others. Videos in Youtube are usually shared or forwarded and often spread quickly.
  4. 4. Facebook  Facebook is a place to create posts, interact with other people, or even in some ways a blog sometimes because you can basically post any thing you might be feeling or your mood. I suppose Facebook would be considered sharing media because you can post photos, videos, and links to music, as well as view them. I do use Facebook for these reasons every so often.