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12 | 3 Ways Online 3 Ways Online Learning Boosts Employee Engagement

12 | 3 Ways Online Learning Boosts Employee Engagement | Lynda.com
Todd Dewett, PhD
Lynda.com Author,
Professional Speaker, Coach
Todd Dewett is a popular speaker who inspires leaders and helps them build stronger teams. He is
an author, coach, consultant, and Harley Davidson nut. After beginning his career with Andersen
Consulting and Ernst & Young, Todd spent a decade as a professor of management until performing
and coaching became full-time pursuits. He advises thousands of professionals around the world
at government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, major conferences, and nonprofit organizations.
Todd is the author of the popular guide Show Your Ink: Stories About Leadership and Life.
His unique rock-star take on leadership has resulted in quotes in the New York Times, BusinessWeek,
Forbes, CNN, Investors Business Daily, Entrepreneur, MSNBC, and hundreds of other outlets.