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How to Attract More Followers on Twitter

Okay, let's go ahead and actually tweet something. Let me click on my little tweet status box."What's happening?" it's asking. I'm going to be working on the company blog today, so I think I'll write, "I am working on the blog today. Any suggestions?" You know, ask questions. It's always a good thing to tweet, remember that from my last video, and I'll just go ahead and click Tweet. And in my timeline, I see not only everybody that I'm following, what they're tweeting, but also my own.

And to see only my own, remember, you go to Profile. But who is seeing this tweet? If they don't happen to know my Twitter address, who sees it? Well, my followers do, these 27 people. But only these 27 people. Now, I would prefer that 27,000 people see what I tweet about, and these people will only see my tweet if they happen to be on Twitter at that moment that I tweeted.Because assuming that these guys are following many other people just like we're following other people, this little tweet will move further and further down in the reverse chronological order.

So, you want to increase the number of followers that you have, so that the chances that people happen to be logged in at that moment that you tweet are increased. So how do you increase the number of followers? That's the point of this movie. It's very similar to increasing the number of subscribers to your newsletter or visitors to your web site, or your blog. It's promotion and making it compelling enough for people to want to follow. Let me give you some tips as far as that's concerned. Attracting Twitter followers.

Obviously, you need to include your Twitter URL everywhere, just like right now you're including your web site or your email address; sorry, you now have to add your Twitter address. You don't have to type out http:twitter.com/yourname. You could just say twitter:@yourname, if you want.If you have a Twitter account, you know that anytime you see the @symbol with a name, that is their Twitter Account, and they can find you that way. But you want to put that on your business card.

You want to place it at the bottom of every newsletter or at the top. You want to add it to any time that you are writing an email in your email signature. Basically, every time that you are including your web site URL and your email address and your phone number, include your Twitter URL. And then write about your Twitter feed. If you're writing an article for the company newsletter, include, "Here is something funny I found on Twitter," or, "Are you following me? You should make sure that you're following me, because we post really great coupon codes on Twitter. Here's our Twitter address." Promote it among your customers and clients.

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