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Staying Current with Publishing Technologies

Publishing has undergone rapid change in the past decade—fueled by advances in a wide range of tools and processes that inspired new, innovative products. A prime example is the rise of electronic books, which are increasingly embraced by publishers and downloaded by consumers.

James Fritz, lead content manager of Design at lynda.com, explores the latest trends in technology, how they will affect publishing, and what a business can do to keep employees up to date.

This presentation will cover:
• Technology changes expected in the next 12 to 18 months
• How these innovations will affect the publishing industry
• Resources available to business for responding to change
• How online video instruction can help keep employees current

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Staying Current with Publishing Technologies

  1. Advances in Publishing Technologies The Value of Online Video Instruction
  2. James FritzLead Content Manager, lynda.com @jamesfritz
  3. Current Publishing Trends
  4. The end is nigh?
  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/polandmfa/10400451785/in/photolist-gR4and-gR3EWy-gR42Ye-gR3NPi-9bBT3h-fyNMM-gR3K5p-egoxvV-8FoQ7U-gR4Gza-N35C4-gR3AJL- egoaQa-gR3FJ5-51YFjb-356L8H-6HSy9d-mRnseb-9DyfM5-4oXiRF-6KjySa-5T2Hy9-gR3yUJ-4p2oFu-ezWYoN-9gXENv-5ZJtAd-7bTv1L-gR3Szz-gR3HXV-gR3WzZ-gR3Z7y- gR44oZ-gR3UEA-gR3XxF-gR44tu-gR3L6U-gR4F6P-gR3MsQ-6ACtGq-6ESU2W-iZroe4-983Tp-8pAmR-5XvRsg-98Crg1-2MCJv-2RcqHW-4qcLfg-6sCbFS Is Print Dead?
  6. Consumers prefer digital over print Jet magazine goes digital-only SkyMall sales are falling
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/eflon/3730262014/in/photolist-n4CHF2-5twxH-6FCyWj-6XFAbG-6fbztb-6QrCri-6f7phZ-msh62u-9EbbXJ-6frk7F-em1S5R-9WwqGV-6dmZJh- htDY9K-cNMmQU-3wQE7-6aapzd-oX4JC-6fbzGj-ndivov-6f7pqn-6fbzm7-9F6DKa-6fbzyW-asuHEU-fW4Rib-69u9pj-4phJBz-4W4G9i-7fwfP-afnBU6-aeuMXh-expEA-5BrTRP- bMnaaa-a1tKri-4JTLmq-9Hd2VM-eJxTFP-7iKsfx-5YJyXf-5twxF-5twxG-5cY2q-8JBP8k-6B9BC-5hsJu-4gP5D1-5hsJv-dtuRBd/ Is Newsstand Dead?
  8. iOS 7 redesign dead on arrival Apps are locked in forever Noise and confusion
  9. http://www.robertnewman.com/are-magazine-apps-dead-a-state-of-the-art-roundtable/ Are Mag Apps Dead?https://www.flickr.com/photos/jcubic/14091200977/in/photolist-hMtdgp-6qNNx-5ETQe-3iBH-kgKBN-ntc67Z-9ownNZ-2M5hRQ- jhfZA-7e6iHa-7yEB9r-mA5RTP-6fkB6Q-guaciD-nuxk3a-8N3HDZ-ehZnD5-7xnYXj-61ChRT- kgKBP-4rtDd4-6fkzyJ-6UPEpK-5ZD2Jv-6AyrPP-6QwMte-6LPngM-jEgdG7-EKn4X-7cmYo-dc1Me1-6fgrgg-6fgrJn-9nRbXn-GhF1K-4sfVtZ-fKLDZo- fKu4ga-fcSXNo-7yWW1k-6fgpsR-5z9fyw-c62NZY-dsfozv-f6EJsp-6fgknk-e1yKHP-8v9EQR-6M7G4y-fKu4dZ
  10. Publishers seem to lack innovation Newsstand is not being updated Boring print replicas are uninspired http://www.robertnewman.com/are-magazine-apps-dead-a-state-of-the-art-roundtable/
  11. In app reviews
  12. There is a grassroots campaign against in-app reviews Annoying and takes you out of the experience Aggressive and leads to bad reviews
  13. DPS gives up on the Kindle
  14. http://www.talkingnewmedia.com/2014/04/08/adobe-drops-support-for-android-content-viewers-on-kindle-fire-devices-in-latest-release-of-dps/ Existing apps still work Opportunity for other systems Other Android tablets are still supported
  15. http://www.macrumors.com/2014/05/01/apple-tablet-market-share-1q14/ Tablet market share
  16. http://readwrite.com/2013/04/08/teenagers-smartphones-how-theyre-changing-the-world Smartphone usage is different than tablet usage
  18. Distribution Methods App vs File Newsstand Selling vs sharing 1:1 or 1:Many
  19. Which Platforms?
  20. Interactivity
  21. To Code or Not to Code
  23. Mediums available today
  24. Interactive PDF
  25. Interactive PDF Easy to create/export Replica of Print Edition Hyperlinks & limited interactivity 1:1 Distribution +Pros
  26. Interactive PDF Requires 3rd party reader apps Lacks mass distribution Can’t replace the desktop experience, yet -Cons
  27. eBook/HTML
  28. eBook/Html Selectable text Resizable/reflowable Multimedia support Distribution via multiple stores +Pros
  29. eBook/Html “Coding” sometimes required Device fragmentation Tweak for each device Constant evolution/change -Cons
  30. InDesign Plug-in
  31. InDesign Plug-in Easy to create InDesign centric Lots of interactivity Easy to get started Lots of competition +Pros
  32. InDesign Plug-in Can be expensive Often large file size Need to redesign print documents Lots of competition -Cons
  33. Page Flip
  34. Page Flip Easy to create You only need a PDF Mature market Hyperlinks & video It has page flips! +Pros
  35. Page Flip Layouts may not natively fit on screens Print-centric designs Limited interactivity Store within a store (visibility) Page flips are the 21st century drop shadow -Cons
  36. Interactive Books
  37. Interactive Books Easy for kids to use Supports animation and multimedia Games are often included! +Pros
  38. Interactive Books Varied ways of creating Expensive No clear winner They don’t use InDesign! -Cons
  39. Online Creation
  40. Online Creation Like InDesign in a browser No software to install +Pros
  41. Online Creation Very early stages Limited capability -Cons
  42. Digital Publishing Learn to design, create, and publish interactive PDFs, digital/interactive magazines, EPUB/Ebooks for iPads and e-readers.
  43. Tools of the trade InDesign Acrobat CSS+HTML Editor iPad/tablets
  44. Digital Publishing Courses INTERACTIVE PDF Digital Publishing Fundamentals InDesign CC: Interactive Document Fundamentals InDesign Insider Training: Interactive PDFs Creating an Interactive PDF Magazine Creating an Interactive PDF Presentation Creating Accessible PDFs Creating PDF Forms with InDesign EBOOKS EPUB Fundamentals InDesign CC: EPUB Fundamentals Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUB Creating an Ebook for the Kindle InDesign for Web Design InDesign CS6 to HTML Distributing and Marketing Ebooks DIGITAL MAGAZINES Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Essential Training Adapting Print Layouts for Digital Publishing Designing a Digital Magazine Designing a Magazine Cover Digital Magazine Design Trends INSPIRATION Creative Spark: Stacey Williams-NG Existing course Coming soon
  45. Print Publishing Learn industry standard best practices for print design and print production
  46. InDesign® Acrobat® Photoshop® Illustrator® Tools of the trade “Adobe, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.” That’s probably not the right language, but something to that effect.
  47. Print Publishing Courses Core Training InDesign CC Essential Training Illustrator CC Essential Training Photoshop CC Essential Training Up and Running with Acrobat InDesign Insider Training: Print PDF’s InDesign Insider Training: Preflight and Printing Print Production Essentials Print Production Fundamentals Print Production Essentials: Digital and Variable Data Printing Print Production Essentials: Prepress and Press Checks Print Production Essentials: Packaging Print Production Essentials: Embossing, Foil Stamping, and Die Cutting Print Production Essentials: Spot Colors and Varnish Projects Designing a Book Designing a Magazine Layout Designing a Brochure Designing a Business Card Designing a Print Ad INSPIRATION Margo Chase, Graphic Designer Creative Inspirations: Stefan G. Bucher, Designer, Illustrator, and Writer Existing course Coming soon
  48. Design Skills Teaching you techniques beyond software
  49. Design Skills Foundations of Typography Foundations of Color Foundations of Composition and Layout Before and After Drawing Vector Graphics Artist at Work
  50. Content OverviewUnderstanding the types of content that lynda.com offers our members
  51. Tools Adobe Autodesk Microsoft Skills Inspiration Business Design Creative Creative Spark Start to Finish Insights
  52. Tools Up and Running Essential Training First Look New Features/Updates Projects Advanced Deep Dives
  53. Skills Foundations Fundamentals Artist at Work PMP Certification Hardware
  54. Inspiration Creative Spark Start to Finish Insights Documentaries
  55. Learning Paths Curated learning paths built and maintained by our lynda.com content team Offers the ability to browse at playlist center Helps you discover where to go next
  56. Questions?