phonics kindergarten parents adjectives grammar nouns consonant digraphs decoding skills word families verbs reading vocabulary teaching kids at home during school closures spelling patterns adverbs teaching at home during covid-19 letter sounds teaching the alphabet elementary teachers first grade reading comprehension pronouns long vowels sight words number bonds kindergarten phonics cvc words conjunctions teaching multiplication consonant blends decoding vowel pairs english language learners making plural nouns compound words common prefixes common suffixes number sense letter names until schools reopen irregular plurals prepositions compare and contrast categorizing second grade spelling first grade spelling decoding for first graders phonics teaching resource teachers sight word phrases short vowels comprehension sequencing teaching english when to use its or it's great for esl students singular nouns plural demonstrative pronouns singular demonstrative pronoun this that these or those irregular plural nouns plural nouns ending consonant blends onset-rimes parts of speech teaching kids reading comprehension letter identification letter formation subitizing how to teach sight words r-controlled vowels apostrophes prepositions of direction prepositions of location prepositions of time compound sentences linking verbs action verbs sentence subjects easily confused words words that sound the same with different meanings word endings -ed and -ing addition parents of elementary students home schooling ce or ci or cy alphabet mitigate learning loss due to school closures vowel pattern ie parents interjections teaching during school closures first grade phonics teaching with magnetic letters distance learning school closures - structure provides normalcy making words homeschooling free printables grammar activities st patricks day bossy r homonyms idioms teaching comprehension strategies cause and effect indefinite pronouns #first grade #alphabet chant first grade reading sedge the hedgehog soft g sound comparative adjectives vocabulary development similes math figurative language metaphors main idea technology in the primary classroom onset and rime reading fluency articles irregular verbs valentine's day vowels second grade vocabulary homophones halloween contractions common core standards multiples of 4 prefix - pre word patterns words that end in ice words that end in ace when c makes /s/ sound y can make a long i or e sound y can make a short i sound when y is a vowel when y is a consonant y is a consonant and a vowel teachers of esl students teachers of primary students english second language teaching clues for le for parents of school age kids teachers teach kids spelling teaching kids wehn to use al when to use el when to le al el word endings- le when to use most when to use more comparatives learning english home schooling multiplication parents teaching math primary math teachers teaching multplications multiple of 8 activities fun multiplication word problems math multiplication teaching multiples of 8 pronouns and contractions they're their there too two to than or that quick resource its and it's contraction it's possessive pronoun its for ell students for parents- teach plurals power point and video plurals for teachers in the classroom add es to make plurals chart adding es to make plural nouns re means do again un means not or opposite introduction to prefixes for parents and teachers prefix context verb noun how kids can use context is it a noun or a verb? prefixes un and re how to teach kids prefixes first grade parents classroom teaching un words un words such as chipmunk brunch un words such as bunch sun run un words such as fun sounding out un words reading un words spelling un words teaching un sound words with un close specific pronouns far specific pronouns far singular pronoun far plural pronouns close singular pronouns far singular pronouns those these that this teaching video pronouns teach demonstrative pronouns plural demonstrative pronoun far demonstrative pronouns close demonstrative pronouns this or that 1st and 2nd grade vocabulary compound word activities vocabulary (compound words) compound word introduction compound words = 2 words teaching compound words how to introduce compound word compound word illustrations career compound words add es to make plurals sight word video demonstration sight word practice pages 5 - minute sight word practice beginning sight word practice teach beginning sight words ending in silent e syllable teaching ccvce syllables teaching cvce syllables reading activities home schooling parents teaching templates for parents making new words word meanings word parts word work grew grows verbs- grow broke breaks verbs - break irregular past tense verbs irregular singular verb irregular plural verbs irregular verbs -eat eats ate irregular verbs teaching video why teach kids irregular verbs teaching kids irregular verb blend pronounciation consonant blend picture & word reading aloud consonant blends consonant blend nd consonant blend mp consonant blend ld consonant blend ft teachers teaching math number line math problems primary math break apart math teaching kids subtraction 2-digit subtraction break apart subtraction teaching conjunctions to kids teaching articles to kids teaching adverbs to kids teaching adjectives to kids teaching pronouns to kids teaching nouns to kids 2nd grade writing templates instructional paragraph compare and contrast paragraph expository how to paragraph 3 parts of a paragraph topic sentence guided primary writing lesson primary writing expository writing modifiers diagraming sentences compound predicate compound subject direct ob teacher resources predicate subject teaching diagraming sentences examples of homonyms vocabulary words: homonyms how to introduce homonyms october teaching activities teaching homonyms second grade homonyms first grade homonyms hole or whole read or red road or rode which or witch halloween homonyms halloween activities spelling words with digraph ch beginning digraph ch ending digraph ch teaching consonant digraph ch consonant ch digraph pumpkins sitting on a chair first grade subtraction first grade math pumpkin subtraction math pumpkin subtraction october math how to teach reading reading comprehension skills venn diagrams true and false information recall details determine sequence of events identify information teach reading comprehension figurative language for kids figurative speech teaching figurative language hyperboles 1st gr. reading comprehension reading comp- elementary kids inferential questands literal questions teaching reading comprehension implied subject - you imperative sentences spelling /k/ sound words teaching kids /k/ sound rules hard c sound prepositions: at in on prepositional phrases joining two sentences but and or and teaching kids pronouns demonstrative pronouns when to add -ies when to add -es change the y to i and add ed ie can make a long i sound ie can make a long e sound tricky letters ie 2 syllable words consonant -le syllables vowel r syllables vowel combination syllables silent e syllables open syllables closed syllables 6 syllable rules spelling ure words word ending ture word ending sure teaching consonant blends letter patterns that make the long i vowel sound pattern igh long vowel i sound consonant blend ow and ou digraps 5 parts of a friendly letter how to teach a friendly letter friendly letter grammar: good or well well is an adverb good is an adjective when to use good or well vcv patterns vowel teams suffix -ly in ain ing confused words when to capitalize a word capitalization how to teach kids collective nouns collective nouns when to use an explanation mark when to use a question mark when to use a period at the end of a sentence sentence capitalization teaching irregular plurals adverbs that are synonyms adjectives that are synonyms verbs that are synonyms nouns that are synonyms synonyms seguencing reading comprehensionn halloween fun halloween compound words sound boxes teaching kids to form the letters of the alphabet learning to print the alphabet teaching kids the silent-e rules soft c silent-e rule long oo sound short oo sound how to teach kids antonyms words that are opposites antonyms multiply by 8(s) learning to print letters how to teach kids equivalent fractions denominators numerators equivalent fractions free k-5 worksheets number lines how to teach kids addition using a number line telling sentence naming sentence when to use i or me object pronoun -me subject pronoun i how to teach homophones what are homophones? parents of kids in elementary school teaching number sense ten frames beginning math teaching onset and rimes teaching kids parts of speech sight word 6 sight word list 5 sight word list 4 teaching kids sight word reading fluency strategy use a or an articles: a an the when s makes the /z/ sound future verb tense present verb tense past verb tense why teach sight words activities to teach sight words irregularly spelled words teaching kids s-blends s-blends opinion statement persuasive paragraph writing possessive pronouns object pronouns subject pronouns teaching the functions of nouns indirect objects direct objects when g sounds like j when the letter g makes the j sound g can make two sounds teaching the soft g sound to kids word patterns ow and ou word pattern ow tricky letters ow teaching the different sounds of ow how to kids when to capitalize mom & family titles bossy or bossy ar /ar/ and /or/ sounds how to teach r-controlled vowels irregular vowels parents teaching r-controlled vowels similarities function association part/whole analogies teaching kids analogies uses of apostrophes parents teaching at home plural possessive nouns plural possessive nouns prepostitions can adverbs describe adjectives abverbs parents teaching adverbs adverbs of place adverbs of time adverbs of manner describing words how to calculate a child's reading fluency rate independent reading level running records conjunctions - and but or digraph tch digraph nt digraph ck teaching kids verbs types helping verbs vebs teaching kids what a sentence is sentence predicates see sea wood would blew blue to two too their they're there #homophones words in silent e 3 basic spelling rules fact adjectives opinion adjectives a fact an opinion teaching opinion writing eld teaching gh and ph words sound ph sound gh base words teaching kids affixes prefix dis- prefix tri- prefix mis- prefix un- prefix re- teaching common prefixes hamburger template descriptive writing teaching descriptive paragraph writing at home suffix -less suffix -ful suffix -est suffix-er teaching kids suffixes at home action part of sentence naming part of sentence teaching simple sentences to kids digraphs ch sh and th teaching kids math subtraction number facts base ten frames number families silent w in wr silent k in kn teaching kn and wr picture cues parents teaching math at home beginning addition bade ten frames teaching kids place value at home thousands place hundreds place tens place ones digits place value when to use there or their or they're using there or their or they're teaching during covid-19 qu digraph quar as in quarantine qu as in queen bee parents of elementary students tricky sound s s sounds s or ss or se letters that make the s sound ce or ci or cy s or ss or se tricky sound s letters that make the s sound s sounds oy and oi how to teach first graders at home vowel pairs oy and oi letters teaching first grade short oo vowel pattern long oo vowel pattern teaching kids at home during covid-19 teaching kindergarten at home for parents sound letter cards teaching kids the alphabet how to teach the alphabet and letter sounds teaching letters and sounds during school closures learning pods how to teach long vowel sounds long vowel sound u long vowel sound o long vowel sound i long vowel sound e long vowel sound a long vowel sounds school closures back to school reopening schools teaching short is vowel word family: it ig in teaching kids short vowel word families at an ap short u as in umbrella teaching kindergarten phonics how to teach kids short u sound how to teach kids short vowel o sounds short o sounds how to teach the short /i/ sound activities to teach the short e sound spelling short e words making short e words how to teach kids the short /e/ sound vowel consonant vowel demonstration lesson how to teach kids the short vowel /a/ sound teaching reading stuck on a word check for understanding sound out the word check the picture 3 strategies to teach kids to read unknown words irregular vowel digraph vowel- consonant-silent e how to teach kids long us spelling patterns long u spelling patterns teaching at home home school long e pattern ey vowel pattern ee vowel pattern ea long e sounds long i spelling patterns home teaching long o spelling patterns how to teach long o spelling patterns: oa/o_e/ow teaching video irregular plurals how to teach kids irregular plurals primary grammar spelling templates long a pattern for ape long a pattern for ake long a pattern ay long a pattern - ai great tool for helping kids during school closures 8 parts of speech does y make the long i sound or the long e sound? y can be a consonant y can be a vowel making plural words how to teach kids plurals - adding s or es or ies? parents of kindergarten kids 40 kindergarten sight words teaching sight words to kindergarten kids consonant digraphs sh ch and th how to teach first graders consonant digraphs third trimester word families diy flip books teaching word families to kindergarten students schoolclosures how to teach kids during school closures help for parents teaching addition with playing cards how to teach kids during the coronavirus when schools close parenting teaching kids during school closures how to home school kids during school closures word picture cues sound letter identification blending short vowel words rhyming words beginning sounds letter work at home learning read aloud transition words crossword puzzle retelling story leprechaun great leprechaun race pete the cat how to teach common and proper nouns grammar resources first grade grammar how to determine if a noun is common or proper proper nouns common nouns counting by 5(s) pot of gold counting green eggs and ham dr. seuss march calendar graphic organizers primary grades comprehension skills what is a pronoun definite pronouns pronount help for parents pronoun teaching resources people things and places what is an indefinite pronoun how do indefinite and definite pronouns differ silent e word ending ble consonat -le pattern #cvc words #making words #sound spelling cards #sound pronounciaton #blending sounds to make words #sound spelling chart #sound letter chant #letter sounds #beginning phonics #kindergarten #letter recognition #letter identification #alphabet chart x makes the /ks/ sound letter x plollywog words with /og/ primaryreading phonograms superlative adjectives tricky letter i y is a vowle y is a consonant geometry cubes number words numbers hexagon parallelogram trapezoid oval rhombus rectangle triangle square circle parenttoolbox sight word video sight word lists fluency ow sound pattern ow as in owl ow as in cow silent letters ph an gh makes /f/ jump ropes lakes peaches pancakes turtles porcupines snakes adjective categories phonics overview for parents teaching jeopardy game phonics game social studies writing community workers jobs community spatial concepts positive behavior growth mindset graphing ela descriptive words topic supporting details create movies reading2success baking crafting sight word phrase lists word recognition digraphs high frequency words reading success syllables speling rules double consonants flip books spelling reference charts parts of a sentence humpty dumpty three bears. cat played the fiddle verb tense valentine's day gameboard. valentine words consonants final e pattern common core state standards second grade pumpkin autumn pumpkins fall patterning common core standards classroom ccss instruction phonological awareness pre-kindergarten close reading learning to read phonics; common core standards; reading readiness reading support for parents; common core standards
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