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Future of immersive education by calongne

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Presentation by Dr. Cynthia Calongne for the CONNECT 2020 conference hosted by the Colorado Community College Systems's CCCOnline.

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Future of immersive education by calongne

  1. 1. The Future of Immersive Education Dr. Cynthia Calongne, CONNECT 2020
  2. 2.  What innovations do we see for the future of online education?  The Metaverse  Immersive Education  Present  Future  What is needed?  A call to action! Learning in the Metaverse
  3. 3. New Media Consortium Symposium 2006 Digital Media Symposium Blended Reality event with the MacArthur Foundation Lyr asks the Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman about the need for educational MMORPGs
  4. 4. Designing a Learning Game with Educators Photo by C. Calongne Game Design by AgileBill Firehawk Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education
  5. 5. The Nonprofit Commons Global Nonprofits Offer free Technology Education 13th Anniversary Meeting in Virtual Worlds Meets Fridays at 8:30 a.m. Pacific In Second Life
  6. 6. Ancient Spaces 1st year students at Univ BC & Oxford modeling and creating a 3D interactive game
  7. 7. Immersive Learning Step into moments In time & interact
  8. 8. The Temple of Horus Joe Rigby, virtual museum with high rez scenes in AvayaLive
  9. 9. The Temple of Horus Joe Rigby speaking at the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds 2015
  10. 10. User is immersed in the 3D scene First person perspective Multisensory experience Responds to head movements Scene changes as you move your head Scripted objects respond when touched Evokes a sense of awe In some, evokes an emotional response But is this great for education?
  11. 11. Homola, O. (2016, May 27). 7 valuable lessons about VR and AR in the healthcare and education industries. Retrieved from https://uploadvr.com/7-valuable-lessons-vr-ar-healthcare-education-industries/ Need Great Content for VR and AR Adoption
  12. 12. Microsoft HoloLens Holographic Interaction Virtual content in the physical space Augmenting our perception with enhanced information
  13. 13. Stein, S. (2017, May 18). Google’s selfie stick AR is a great idea. Retrieved from https://www.cnet.com/news/googles-ar-expeditions-augmented-reality-classroom- but-you-need-a-tango-phone-to-use-it/ Google Augmented Reality Expeditions
  14. 14. Conferences & Meeting Spaces The Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds 2015 Loire village on Virtual Harmony (bottom left)
  15. 15. Class Security Projects Virtual worlds are aggregators Of Web content We need integration with Learning Management Systems similar to SLOODLE for MOODLE
  16. 16. Virtual Worlds, past, present, & future Kitely, uses OpenSimulator, an open source software
  17. 17. Learning in Imaginative Contexts
  18. 18. Need 3D educational content Integration with the Learning Management System Informal learning spaces, social spaces, meeting spaces Champions of asynchronous & synchronous learning Where are we headed?
  19. 19. 150+ Countries Play & Study in the Metaverse Do you?
  20. 20. How can you get involved? Join us at the Nonprofit Commons where educators meet Virtual Roundtable on Thursdays at Noon https://www.slideshare.net/lyrlobo/presentations Conferences OSCC Dec 5-6, 2020 https://conference.opensimulator.org/ To design an educational space, visit Kitely.com OSGrid.com DigiWorldz.com For research, business, & technical info: Hypergrid Business hypergridbusiness.com/
  21. 21. The Future is Now