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Importance of community play in 3D spaces

Presentation on the Importance of Community and Play in 3D Spaces for the TCC 2021 Worldwide Online Learning Conference. This session reflects on learning spaces as places to promote community and society, which Ferdinand Tönnies described as Gemeinschaft and Gesellscaft for the importance of our social relationships.

Slide 4 refers to challenges and triumphs when our world turned upside down.

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Importance of community play in 3D spaces

  1. 1. The Importance of Community & Play in 3D Spaces Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University CCCOnline, Parker University, & SMU Pompeii at Virtual Harmony TCC 2021 Worldwide Online Conference
  2. 2. In 2020 ● Life was disrupted ● Work shifted to home ● The three spaces merged for home, work, and our social spaces
  3. 3. In 2020, schools moved online to use Zoom or their favorite Web conferencing tool for meetings, conferences, and classes. Connecting in this manner felt a little like the game show Hollywood Squares. Isolated, yet eager to connect Bensching, A. (2020, April 25). In Search of the Perfect Zoom Class [image]. https://www.thesantaclara.org/blog/in- search-of-the-perfect-zoom-class
  4. 4. Challenges? riumphs? Teaching From Home Education in 2020
  5. 5. In 2020, what did you do to strengthen your spirit? VWBPE 2021 conference 3D exhibit posters, photos by Calongne (2021). Right exhibit by Brock (2021) as a tribute to Douglas Adams’s book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  6. 6. As spaces for healing and discovery Our Virtual Harmony community under Dr. Andrew Stricker’s leadership designed and tested, and celebrated life, history, and the arts. Scene: virtual Pompeii
  7. 7. We celebrated a student’s first day in a virtual world for his graduation We sailed, swam, and scuba dived
  8. 8. We created living spaces in Loire, a French village in Virtual Harmony Barbara Truman’s Home
  9. 9. We dreamed and recreated our ideal spaces in Virtual Harmony
  10. 10. Lyr’s Tiny Home & Rare Books
  11. 11. Whimsy at the McMurdo Station
  12. 12. Our villas Inside the villas
  13. 13. To celebrate life and relax Thankful for these amazing spaces
  14. 14. Algernon wrote childrens’ books and we shared Haiku in Sakurajima
  15. 15. Lyn Skylark
  16. 16. Virtual worlds provide a deeper view for the eye of the beholder & develops new pathways for ones own thinking process and rationality… …to increase the depth of reasoning through human problem solving in a representation of complexity accompanied by playful moments of escape! Algernon Loire & Molly MaeWest I enjoy the true essence that we enjoy together through face to face interactions. …and welcome the blessings of using the virtual world technologies that keep us together, talking and interacting through scholarship while gleefully playing in atmospheres which are from past centuries. By transporting ourselves to alternate times in scenes with interactive stages, we are the actors and are not watching a 2D view of a film or a play.
  17. 17. Love
  18. 18. Our family gives us strength
  19. 19. Virtual Harmony meets each week to celebrate life
  20. 20. Skylark’s first flight required adjusting the overhead controls
  21. 21. Success! Barbara Truman meets Skylark after docking on the Space Station While hard to conduct research during 2020, we tested our designs and AI dashboards.
  22. 22. We soared high, flew kites and balloons, and dreamed of the future of learning. How do you strengthen your world?
  23. 23. If your home was your learning space ● What do you need to offer a great learning experience? ● What do you need to strengthen yourself and your students? PADI 3D poster at VWBPE 2021 Photo by Lyr (2021) as a Star Trek: The next Generation officer