Publicité Bangalore 2019 - a Recap on 'IoT and Edge' Talk.

Principal Architect Cloud
4 Mar 2019

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Publicité Bangalore 2019 - a Recap on 'IoT and Edge' Talk.

  1. A Recap on IoT & Edge …. (A beginner level talk & some booth visits)
  2. 2 2 Presented a Talk on Edge Enriching IoT….
  3. 3 IoT Things/Devices Cloud Gateways Analytics User Interface Network Data Compute
  4. 4 Confirming this trend, a recent Micron/Forrester survey found in the next 3 years 53 percent of respondents expect to be analyzing complex data sets at the edge.
  5. 5
  6. 6 Microsoft HoloLens 2: a new version of the leading mixed reality headset has been revealed, this time featuring a more comfortable design and improved optics that track where your eyes are looking for a more immersive, reactive, augmented reality experience. Huawei Mate X: the most extravagant phone of the show? We'd say so. Not only does Huawei's crazy flagship have 5G connectivity, but it also comes in the shape of a mad folding design. LG DualScreen: speaking of mad, LG has revealed a crazy accessory for its new LG V50 ThinQ handset – a clip on clamshell case that also doubles up as an additional, full-sized screen for the phone. Nokia 9 PureView: we cant get enough of innovation in the smartphone camera space, and the Nokia 9 PureView, with its insane five lens camera array, shows plenty of potential. Sony Xperia 1: forget foldable phones – Sony thinks the future of the mobile display is with 21:9 ratio screens. Ultralong, they're well suited to watching films, but the jury is out on whether or not it's a useful set up for everyday use. Along with the flagship Xperia 1, Sony has revealed a whole range of 21:9 phones at MWC 2019. IoT kicking gears - MCW 2019 Barcelona!!
  7. 7 Some common Open Source Edge Slides removed here which was presented in previous Talks.. (See the other presentations “Open Source Edge platforms” for more details.) 7
  8. 8 8 Multi Vendor Central Cloud Private Cloud IoT / Edge Computing End Nodes (Rpi, Adruinio…) D1 Dn Private Cloud IoT / Edge Computing End Nodes (Rpi, Adruinio…) D1 Dn Private Cloud IoT / Edge Computing End Nodes (Rpi, Adruinio…) D1 Dn Could be…
  9. 9 Many open source edge computing platforms… & Commercial ones from several cloud vendors…!
  10. 10 KubeEdge Kubernetes Native Edge Cloud Computing Framework Website : Repository : Twitter : @KubeEdge Slack : License : Apache 2.0 On 26Feb2019 In ~3+ months of first major code commit Goal : An Open Source , generic edge cloud computing framework, extending the native containerized application orchestration based on Kubernetes. Also build edge cloud computing framework exploiting the existing competent CNCF projects ecosystem. Target Features: • Kubernetes based node, application, cluster and device management • Offline/Disconnected Mode Working (Edge is not connected to cloud) • Container based Microservice platform • Provide open edge cloud computing infrastructure including network, compute, storage and data synchronization (edge-cloud, edge-edge) • Data Management, Data Analytics Framework • Optimized and generic communication interface (Edge-Edge, Edge-Cloud) • Cloud vendor agnostic deployment and execution • Edge optimized end to end security service • Easy Device Management with SDK, Adapters and multiprotocol support. • Ability to run low resource heterogeneous hardware (ARM, x86 • Simplify the application development and deployment (SDK) KubeEdge is fully open (including Cloud Core), cross platform, scalable, portable on heterogeneous edge hardware and resource optimized edge computing platform based on Kubernetes One of the Open Source Edge Platform
  11. 11 IoT – Edge Vendors coming together…. Litmus Automation, Clearblade, Bosch IoT Suite, Software AG Cumulocity (Software AG has partnered with Dell and Eurotech) Eurotech offers Everywhere Software Framework, based on Eclipse Kura Foghorn and Swim specialize in offering machine learning and analytics at the edge ADLINK develops Vortex Edge and Vortex DDS Zededaand Edgeworx are bringing virtualization technology and container technology to edge devices. Dell and Rigado have IoT gateways that run Ubuntu Core allowing for remote management and deployment of software running on their gateway devices.
  12. 12 Does the Edge will eat the Cloud? Several overlapping trends are colliding: (1) cloud computing, centralizing IT for massive economies of scale and agile provisioning, volatility and growth, (2) the Internet of Things (IoT), where things are becoming connected and sending reams of data, (3) machine learning, taking all of that data and improving processing and predictions, (4) Augmented and Mixed Reality (along with Virtual Reality), where people can interact with other people and things both in physical and virtual worlds, and (5) Digital Business and the Digital World, where connections between things and people are pushing us to more and more real-time interactions and decisions.
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  15. 15 Event Floor ….. 15
  16. 16 Some Event Floor Visits……. 16 Celadon Open source Android software reference stack on Intel architecture Intel reboots Android-IA as Project Celadon –
  17. 17 Thank You 17