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The power and appeal of masks

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My Ignite presentation for Stream Asia

A look at masks from Renaissance Italy to the digital age

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The power and appeal of masks

  1. 1. stevemcardle
  2. 2. - André Berthiaume
  3. 3. Since the Ancient Greeks used masks in ritual drama, cultureshave embraced masks for religion, circumstance, identity andhumour.Men may favour the Moretta mask, worn by women and kept inplace by a button held by the front teeth therefore restrictingthe opportunity to speakCircumstance gave birth to the Plague Doctor Mask longbeak to avoid contamination while dealing with the plague
  4. 4. With only 5 minutes I ve the more simple the mask the selected twoperiods in our history to more ambiguous and examineRenaissance Italy and the digital age contradictory the character
  5. 5. Masquerade wasn t about being somebodyelse, it was about being yourself withoutconsequence. - Alexander Pope
  6. 6. 13th Century where masked men threwscented eggs at ladies, a practice shortlyprohibited
  7. 7. It then became an opportunity for thewealthy to escape social conventions andgossip, flirt, fraternise with those of a lowerstatus
  8. 8. While eliminating distinction, anonymity ledto perceived immorality and restrictions onuse
  9. 9. What would you say or do if you feared noconsequence?
  10. 10. The characters of Commedia Dell artetheatre were defined by their masks. Theywere not something to hide behind, in factthey required the actors to be moreoutrageous - Rodney Dangerfield
  11. 11. Mask did not limit physicality of the theatreor expressionTraits were unified across masks to amplifycertain characteristics nose, forehead
  12. 12. Il Dottore s mask is bulbous and exposesthe cheeks to be highlighted and reddenedPantalone long pointed nose
  13. 13. Zanni low eyebrows, wrinkled forehead,the larger the nose the stupider the ZanniArlecchino low forehead, crooked withevil intentions, small nose intelligentIl Capitano less mask to give large eyesfor the audience to see them open in fear
  14. 14. While scenarios were often improvised withinterjection of pre-determined lazzi(character s joke), you can take thecommedia characters and turn a traditionalplay into something completely different.
  15. 15. The contradiction of anonymity and privacyhas never been so prevalent. - William Astle
  16. 16. We choose an avatar as a way ofpersonifying our online presence, creatinga personal brand, creating an identifier.How often do you change your profileimages and why?
  17. 17. We use online as an opportunity to amplifyand mute our emotions.
  18. 18. We ve found a sneaky balance betweenanonymity and personalisation if youknow the person you can see how theavatar is similar but you couldn t identifysomeone specifically by their picture.
  19. 19. Despite the best efforts of a lot of peoplewe are discovering you can t pretend to besomeone you re not for too long becauseyour true identity will always come through
  20. 20. - Oscar Wilde
  21. 21. So the digital world is your stage. How areyou introducing yourself? How are youwearing your mask? What will it say aboutyou?
  22. 22. stevemcardlePhoto credits:Anja Johnson Katbphotography Matthew BurpeeChisikilauren Mybulldog PensieroFiat Luxe Willy_g91 Masca TeatruGiant Ginkgo Keo 101Jared Lady vic