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Why Should I Be Good?

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Be Good to Your Self

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Why Should I Be Good?

  1. 1. Coach: Jean Noel Macaque
  2. 2.  Questioning My Self
  3. 3.  All Humans in his brain’s function have to give sense to the questioning of ‘Why’ Giving a reasonable significance is acceptable for the spirit Why Should I Be Good?
  4. 4.  To Act Rightly Acting rightly is doing the right thing The consequence of acting rightly is Greatness Why to Be Good?
  5. 5.  For children: Obeying parents and avoid punishment For social norms: Being a good citizen For a mature mind: A sense of Awareness. Why to Be Good?
  6. 6.  Being Good is having a conscience with an internal voice which judges actions as right or wrong. Being Good is a sense of respectability and integrity Why to Be Good?
  7. 7.  All individual person have attitudes and habits facing the experience of Life. Some persons are Powerful. Others are Powerless. Some have Self-Discipline. They used the within force of Self- Control and the Strength of Willpower to be Good. Others are lack of Self-Control. They are influenced by their Bad Habits, which conduct their life's Why to Be Good?
  8. 8.  To Be Good is a Choice Some persons will used their higher Inner Self Some others persons will used their higher ‘EGO’ Why to Be Good?
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  10. 10.  This Virtue leads to: 1. A Self-Consciousness 2. A Self-Perception 3. A Self-Principle to valued 4. A Self Capacity to improved 5. A Self Need of Satisfaction for the ‘True-Self’ 6. A Self-Action for Success 7. A Positive Attitude 8. A Self-Greatness 9. A Dynamic and Pleasant Self-Character To Be Good is a Virtue
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  12. 12.  The choice you make, determine your Destiny
  13. 13.  To Improve Your Life Improve How you make Choices Take Time for Conscious Decisions based on Good Values, Long Term results, Loving Motives and staying True to your Heart Your Life is a blending of the Choices you make
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