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Spotify Places

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Hack @ Music Hack Day Berlin 2014

Spotify Places enables social playlists for bars based on the users favorite songs.

We love to share and enjoy music with family and friends. It's part of our daily activities - it's in the mall, the public places, bars and restaurants. But not always does it fit our taste. Spotify understood that music is something very social and built an easy way to consume and share music on personal devices.

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Spotify Places

  1. 1. places Bars
  2. 2. How to check-in NFC iBeacon Location QR Short-URL
  3. 3. Demo
  4. 4. Host Dashboard
  5. 5. How to makeD mynoanmeicy JukeBox • Bigger queue gap = higher price • Profit = 70% bar, 30% Spotify
  6. 6. Game changing features • See what’s playing around you in real-time • Follow your favorite clubs and enjoy at home • Discover new places based on your music taste • Host your own Spotify place for free • Track record / History
  7. 7. @maccosmo @olcaybuyan @donnieraycrisp