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Nonprofit fundraising

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Nonprofit fundraising

  1. 1. ndiegogo Crowd Funding Promotiowww.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  2. 2. Indiegogo is a crowd-funding website.-Crowd funding looks for contributions from the general public ratherthan investors.-There is a contract to complete the project based on the acceptanceof the funds.-It allows the owner/creator to maintain controlwww.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  3. 3. There are some advantages to use an Indiegogo Crowd Fundingcampaign.-There is no application process.-A campaign can be started for free.-There is no limit to why you can raise money, be it creative, non-profit, or even personal needs.-Almost anyone anywhere with a valid bank account can start acampaign.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  4. 4. Indiegogo makes it easy for you to raise money.-You have access to powerful tools to help create, manage, and shareyour campaign.-Front page promotion based on a merit-based promotion.-Indiegogo provides campaign options and educational support thatare right for you.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  5. 5. There are some things to keep in mind.-Indiegogo is paid whether or not the fundraising is successful.-Only 501( c) organizations can offer tax-deductible donations.-Although people from most countries can create an Indiegogo CrowdFunding campaign, those from countries on the US OFAC sanctionsmay not.-You may also be charged fees by third-party transfers, suchinternational wire fees and PayPal or bank fees.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  6. 6. Perks can be set up in order to increase funding.-These are products or services geared to encourage spending.-They are tiered, so the more you spend, the more perks you canclaim.-Perks can also help spread the word about your campaign.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  7. 7. There are two plans available.-Flexible Plan-Fixed Plan-Regardless of plan, Indiegogo is paid 4% if goal is not reached and 9%if it is.-All perks must be fulfilled if the goal is reached.-All campaigns may be run for 1-60 days.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  8. 8. Flexible Plans is for campaigns that will take any level of contributions.-Any funds contributed are kept, regardless of success.-If the goal is not reached, a 9% platform fee is assessed.-Perks must be fulfilled regardless of success.-Contributors may use PayPal or credit card.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  9. 9. Fixed Funding is for campaigns that are all or nothing.-If the goal is not reached, all funds are returned to contributors.-You are only required to fulfill perks if you were successful.-You may only use PayPal to accept contributions.-You pay no fees.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  10. 10. Non-profits have another option.-The campaign can be done as non-profit, allowing the person to offertax-deductible contributions.-Must have 501( c)(3) exemption status.-Can receive funds directly through FirstGiving.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  11. 11. There are tools to help you.-You can easily organize and publish your page without professionalskills.-There are analytic tools to help you track contributions.-You can also track status of perks, in terms of if they have been sent orclaimed.-Social media and direct e-mail has been integrated into thedashboard, allowing you to spread the news and increase fundingeasier.We can help promote your Indiegogoproject: www.Crowdfundpromotion.com
  12. 12. An Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign is great for:-Those that want to maintain control of their idea with outsidemanipulation.-Those looking to fund a small business or charity.-Anyone looking for funds for a small project.www.Crowdfundpromotion.com

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