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Top factors that make magento mobile app development successful

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Top factors that make magento mobile app development successful

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Top factors that make magento mobile app development successful

  1. 1. Top Factor That Makes Magento Mobile App Development Best
  2. 2. Flexibilty & Voice Search - Magento is flexible. You can tailor the entire system as per the product and/or services you’re selling. In the future you can reset or manage attributes without altering the admin panel. - Simply put voice search is using a search engine by speaking instead of typing. It makes search more interactive.
  3. 3. Virtual Assistans & Mobile Wallet Popularly referred to as chatbots, these intelligent assistants provide useful services to customers such as aiding them to browse the store and search for specific products, do payments and answer queries related to product return as well as exchange. The use of mobile wallets is rising. Users are slowly becoming comfortable with online payments. The latter are increasing at a quick pace. The trend is to include the maximum number of payment methods to facilitate online payments.
  4. 4. Ability To Gather Relevent Customer Data You can watch as well as control the entire system. It is possible to collect useful data regarding customers such as their likes and browsing behaviour. There are support tools which give an exhaustive report regarding the mobile app’s usage and performance as well as factors that are the reason for malfunctions.
  5. 5. Ecommerce Friendly & Superior Design Features These include simple navigation, simple check- out, synchronous as well as seamless order processing, multiple payment gateway support Magento has an excellent responsive front-end design. The customers find it easy and convenient to use Magento mobile apps.
  6. 6. Why Choose Us - Only certified and experienced magento developers are assigned to each project. The result is high quality and world class products. Each team member is responsible as well as accountable for the final quality of the deliverable. - magePoint leverages Agile methodologies and Agile frameworks to develop flawless and high-quality software products. - We make sure that our staff is fully aware of the latest testing and quality assurance processes. - We have our very own mature and quality processes which have been refined over time. - We make sure that each member of the quality assurance team is well trained and up-to-date with the latest quality practices. - Code review is an integral part of our process thus eliminating errors that may have crept in by mistake.
  7. 7. Contact Us Trusted By Founded in 2014, magePoint – Magento Development Company has been dedicated to eCommerce Solutions across the globe. Offering the highest standards of Magento eommerce Development and tailored Magento 1 and magento 2 customizations to complement your bespoke business requirements. Email Us: contact@magePoint.com Contact Us: +91-9971597175 Web: https://www.magepoint.com