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IRPO Executive Search Firm in India

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Magna Global HR - Executive Research Firms India specializing in chief executive officer (CXO) & a specialist search Firms with expertise in Senior Management Recruitments.

IRPO Executive Research – Intensively Researched Resource Pool Organising – Talent Pooling through Social & Professional network with the intention to hire now day’s results in attracting largely active and semi active candidate. Large pool of performers and truly passive candidates still remain elusive. IRPO a specialised & customised Executive Research are human driven but using best of search technology for deep Scanning, Mapping and Mining for the purpose of building a Proactive Talent Pipe Line by ensuring up to 70% mapping of Target Companies; department by department; project by Project and person by Person . IRPO deploys Proprietary & customised methodologies and expert recruiters that bring very deeper resource mining & mapping capabilities & its sourcing capabilities go beyond the just portals & networking Sites. It works on the Principal “If it exits we will find it”

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IRPO Executive Search Firm in India

  1. 1. MĂGNĀ GLOBAL HR SERVICES Pvt. Ltd Retained Executive Search, Executive Research & Recruitment Process Outsourcing , Contingent Recruitment Consulting, & Cloud Recruitment Platform on Rent An Introduction MĂGNĀ GLOBAL HR SERVCES Pvt.Ltd
  2. 2. Two Words That Defines Magna Ethical & Innovative All our services maintain total transparency with the customer and provide many innovative & useful features . Absolute No to “Me Too” attitude.
  3. 3. WHO ARE WE ? A COMPANY FOUNDED IN MAY 2000 Customers Spread Across 3 continents in Asia , Africa & Europe With an access to a unique Online Recruitment Platform – SURPaaS At core recruitment team of 30 Network of 200 online Recruitment Process Associates countrywide
  4. 4. How is Magna Different from others ? World’s First Customer Satisfaction Based Professional Fees  Customer Decides What Magna Deserves to be Paid.  Magna Fees varies depending upon the satisfaction experienced by the Customer  Our New software Infrastructure imbibes this
  5. 5. Măgnā milestones Year 2000 Started with Retained Executive Search- TOUGH SEARCH for Senior TOP CXO Level 2004 Started Contained Recruitment Services- RMAGNET A Senior /Mid Level recruitments 2010 -INTAMS –A unique Web based Enterprise wide Integrated Talent Acquisition Management System. Now Graduating to Cloud Based Recruitment Platform- SURPaaS 2011 – iRPO – Integrated Recruitment Process Outsourcing -Hosted on SURPaaS Recruitment platform
  6. 6. Tough Search iRPO RMAGNET SURPaaS MĂGNĀ Global Services
  7. 7. Integrated Recruitment Process Outsourcing First of its Kind Solution • Intensely Researched Resource Pool Organizing Solution •Deep Researching Co. by Co. Deptt by Deptt , Branch by Branch •From CXO to Entry + 5 years level •Reduce Cost up to 50% against contingent recruitment . •80% against Retained Searches
  8. 8. iRPO- Intensely Researched Resource Pool Organizing No groping in dark - Total Clarity on Talent availability at all levels Company / CxO Level Function / Sub Function /Deptt Branch / Plant / Location Level Project level Stream / Skill/ Specialization Level Builds a well researched & Proactive talent pool Specifically designed for lateral Hiring -Cxo to 5 year + Experience Level - A fully managed offsite solution for Proactive In-depth talent Search ,deep Scanning, Micro Mapping of the organisations
  9. 9. iRPO Infrastructure & Resources iRPO is possible only because of MAGNA Global’s following infrastructure and resources SURPaaS- Cloud Based Recruitment/ Platform- • Three Dimensionally fully Integrated • Artificial intelligence aided routines • Real Time up date to all Special Methodologies and Micro Processes for: • searching • sourcing • Screening • Interviewing Knowledge Repositories • Functional • Sectorial • Historical A streamlined & Dedicated Service Team Structure • SPOC • Navigator • Cand Owner • Back End • Support
  10. 10. Case Study -1 For Global Water EPC ‘s Knowledge Center 45 Primary & 30 Secondary Co. across India targetted 15000 Estimated Population of Design Engineers in Water Infrastructure 2000Odd Resumes odd from portal , site , customer data & Advt response 6700 Synopsis generated , orgn by orgn ,Location by Location project by project 668Recommended after screening & structured Interviewing 600 resumes selected for Ist round interview 120 Selected after ist round 64 offered after 3 rd round 58 joined 50% reduction Cost per hire Ready Talent Pool for next year
  11. 11. Case Study 2 – Major Auto Engine R&D Core Engine R&D Professionals, Aurangabad CRDI Engine Exp. Must below 2 litre Engine Sal 10 to 40 Lac 12 No in one year Problems – 96 % resume Rejection – Nil Recruitment 8 months 10 Agencies worked Aurangabad location IRPO 5 month Pilot Project 55 Engine, OEM & Design Companies Targeted 3500 Total Population 220 in Portal & other Space 70% deep Coverage 1800 synopsis generated 650 Screened 107 Tech interviewed 70 short Listed Proactive Talent Pool 6 joined ast 4 month 6 to be joining next 6 months
  12. 12. • Recruitment Speed • Interview to Resume & selection ratio • Joining to offer Ratio Substantial Positive improvements in • 50% against generic contingent placement fee • 80% against Retained Search • Intangible cost Saving Drastic Cost / Pay out Reduction up to • Free HR from mundane activities • Takes total control till Ist round of Interviews • Coordinates with all till selection Major Saving in HR Hassles & Efforts • No Restrictive Exclusivities • Allows to use other / existing service providers if IRPO fails to deliver in specified time frame & manner. Risk Free • Employer Brand Equity Dip Test • Competition mapping • Insight on Comp & Ben Beyond just Resource Pool Benefits
  13. 13. •Accurate •deeper •Speedier •Cost Effective iRPO Managed Process Search & Sourcing • Prompt • Pointed • Impact full • Consistent iRPO Managed PROCESS Communication & Coordination • Multi stage Professional screening • Specially Designed questionnaire for each position. • Grilling the candidates on Strructured interviews IRPO Managed Screening and Structured Interviewing • Interviews • Tests • On Boarding • Cordial Disposition iRPOCoodinated USTOMER’S IN HOUSE PROCESSS Selection & On Boarding • More Committed Candidates • Willing Candidates • Pre-checked candidates Accurate , Faster & Easier Talent Acquisition Process Control • IRPO takes total ownership of the Search / Sourcing, Communication & Coordination, Screening, elimination interviewing,. • SURPOS coordinates Customer’s internal selection & on boarding exercises but Selection will be prerogative of the Customer .
  14. 14. iRPO - Proprietary Structured Interview System 1. Designing Structured Interviews  Specially designed Questions to gauge functional, technical , organizational compatibility  Technical and other questions designed with assistance from customer also 2. Conducting Structured Interviews  IRPO recruiters Grills candidates on Structured questions  Get their responses / answers in structured format  Evaluate and Analyze the answers on keys and weightage system given  Prepare a Gist Report that is attached with each shortlisted resume. 3. Benefits  Gets information / missing link in structured form  As Good as Tech/ Functional Interviews
  15. 15. POJOB _ Portal Job Posting & Response Processing RECRUITAD – Newspaper or print media advertisement and Response Processing DATAGREE –Database search from multiple portals Magna and customer Database (optional) & Resume Processing PLACEIN – It works like walk with one exception that resource mobilization is through DATAGREE ( Databases) instead of Advertisement EMPREF -Customer Employee Referral Response Processing REFERAD- Paid Third Party Referral Searches management & Response Processing T1SCREENING- Collate response different placement Agencies , screen and present NETLINK- Professional & Social media management searching , Response processing PROREF -Proactive Unpaid Referral Search management & Response Processing MAPEX -Mapping & Mining Continuously Searching organization /s to MAP at department , project/ activity / product level REFCHECK- Generate more referral from different spheres of selected candidate and ref PRONET – Content Creating and managing Brand image on Professional & Social Network to attract talent. Searching & Sourcing Processes In Order of complexity
  16. 16. Engagement Process Pre Pilot Engagement Sample Searches to demonstrate capability and Processes Discussion to understand deliverables Pilot Project Duration Min 3 months Termination on 45 th day if not happy Create performance index and bench mark iRPO Project Processes Performance SLA Defined termination clause
  17. 17. Pricing Model • Based on Volume and Processes Fixed Monthly Fee - Research & Search • Point of Accrual • As Fixed in Rs / $ per successful act / offer / selection / joining • Or % of salary ( we recommend fixed ) Success Based Fee – Communication , Selection & Coordination • Special fees if applicable and as mutually agreed Special Project / Evaluation Fees
  18. 18. Thanks Magna Global HR Services Pvt. Ltd 102, Jai Shankar Appt, Hari Niwas Circle, LBS Marg Thane – 400602 . Tel 91 22 25441061/62 Email :nmarwah@magnaservicesindia .net