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Sap testing online tutorial

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www.magnifictraining.com - " SAP TESTING ONLINE

TUTORIAL " Online Training contact

us:info@magnifictraining.com or+1-6786933994,+1-6786933475,

+919052666559 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad,

Bangalore,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South Africa.
SAP Testing

SAP is the heartbeat of the global economy. SAP R/3 is an ERP software package implementation designed to coordinate all the key elements required to complete the business process. SAP designed into different functional modules covering the typical functions of an organization.

The most widely used functional modules are:
Sales and Distribution
Finance and Controls
Material Management
Production Planning
Plant maintenance
Human Resource
Testing the functionality of the application in front end (GUI), working as expected with the newly updated configuration. Don't want to find an issue in production after you make the changes, consequently regression testing in a QA environment SAP environment undergoes continual change - patches and fixes, new module implementations and configuration changes. This creates an ongoing need for regression testing with some SAP environments having more than 2000 regression test cases. SAP TAO: SAP has designed a specific tool for automation, Test Accelerating and Optimization tool which streamlines the creation and maintenance of business components. Using TAO, it maximizes the testing deployment by reducing the time required to build or execute the scripts.

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Sap testing online tutorial

  1. 1. CONTACT US: Call: +91-9052666559, +1-6786933994, +1-6786933475 Mail: info@magnifictraining.com Visit: www.magnifictraining.com
  2. 2.  SAP Testing Online Training Course Content:  Overview of the SAP Testing  Types of Testing  Manual Testing and Automation  ( SAP )ASAP Methodology  SAP Module overview  SAP Navigation  SAP Module overview www.magnifictraining.com
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  5. 5.  Support:  We are dedicated to supporting faculty, staff and students on the use of technologies to enrich teaching and learning experiences .  We offers support on SAP TAO Projects, C BPT Projects and QTP Projects. Support: We are dedicated to supporting faculty, staff and students on the use of technologies to enrich teaching and learning experiences.  We offers support on SAP TAO Projects, QC BPT Projects and QTP Projects. www.magnifictraining.com
  6. 6.  SAP Testing is same as manual testing but here the applications are SAP R/3 and Enterprise portal.  Whenever there is change in R/3 and Portal and You need to design test cases according the change request and test the application.  If you have knowledge in the module (like HR, CRM, SD, SRM), which you are going to test would be helpful to you.  UAT means USER ACCEPTING TESTING. Suppose end user raised an issues that we solved and send to end used it is working fine. then we get confirmation from him that it is fine. that is call UAT. www.magnifictraining.com
  7. 7. Unit Tests could be described as white-box tests whereas a normal tester (which should be not identical to the developer) will test entire functions (black-box tests). During the entire life cycle of a SAP solution, it is necessary to test the functions and performance of your solution. With the SAP Test Workbench, SAP provides you with an environment for all test phases, which you can use for testing in the following cases: • Implementation of SAP solutions • Integration of new components and business scenarios • Customer developments • Function tests • Integration tests with other components • Upgrades, regression tests • Importing support packages Integration www.magnifictraining.com
  8. 8.  Features :  Test Preparation • Creation of manual and automated test cases • Management of manual and automated test cases • Creation of test plans • Definition and management of test series Test Execution : • Execution of mass tests using Extended Computer-Aided Test Tool and Computer Aided Test Tool • Integration of test cases and test scripts of non-SAP providers • Assignment of work lists (test packages) to individual testers www.magnifictraining.com
  9. 9.  Test Evaluation:  Permanent overview of test progress and test results  Complete documentation of test processes in the test plans (test cases, test  case descriptions, test results, test case notes, error messages)  Detailed tabular and graphical evaluation of all test plans  Export of test results to Office applications  Message processing www.magnifictraining.com
  10. 10.  Online  Course Benefits: Our students; whether they are fresher or experienced professionals, get no cost recruitment services from our recruitment division.  We help them write or modify their CV's to let companies contact them and see all their work.  We help our students find job in total privacy.  Our recruitment division is in top 10 jobs consultants in Bangalore and top 100 in India. www.magnifictraining.com
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  12. 12.  Key Features:  Offers both desktop and browser-based Clients to allow easy management and execution of tests deployed on-premise and in the Cloud Supports validation of business processes that span diverse technology stacks including browser-based technologies and mobile platforms. Learn more about Mobile testing » Patented central data repository ensures a common, scalable application knowledgebase that promotes use and reuse of components Integrated test data management feature enables self-sufficient business process testing by embedding representative test data into the test itself Capture business processes in a reusable format useful for building functional and performance tests and creating training and compliance documentation. Learn more about automated Capture » Fits into your existing HP Quality Center (QC), Solution Manager or IBM Rational (RQM) processes, seamlessly. . Learn more about ALM   Integrations » www.magnifictraining.com
  13. 13.  We offer you: 1. Interactive Learning at Learners convenience 2. Industry Savvy Trainers 3. Learn Right from Your Place 4. Customized Curriculum 5. 24/7 system access 6. Highly Affordable Courses 7. Support after Training a. Resume Preparation b. Certification Guidance c. Interview assistance www.magnifictraining.com
  14. 14. www.magnifictraining.com