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the luxury industry

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Shop www.school-majorelle.com

  1. 1. Business course "How to open a floral shop.“ In the goods sector, the luxury industry, there are three preconditions that must comply with floral brand. 1) ensure consistent quality (growth control the quality of the bouquet and control "Great Service") Create your individual product (the law of the pioneers) 2) Brand will not move to the development without communication. It is important to start quickly reach a critical size that would strengthen the gap with competitors. Do jerk, a shock wave to create separation from entering the competition. 3) The ability to create and successfully run the avalanche current industry innovation floral retail. (About thirty new products only in Eastern Europe). Create a market-is the best way to lead him away. However, to create a market need to break the usual rules and codes that support the market herd mentality. www.school-majorelle.com
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