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Growing a social culture final

Presented at the Social Media Management Conference, Sydney, April 2012

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Gratuit avec un essai de 30 jours de Scribd

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Gratuit avec un essai de 30 jours de Scribd

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Growing a social culture final

  1. Growing asocial cultureMal Chia, Digital & Social Media Managermal.chia@adelaide.edu.au | @malchia
  2. Pop quiz:How social is Apple?
  3. Answer: More than you think
  4. Just because you’re onFacebook or Twitter doesn’tmake you a social business
  5. Customer-centricity is the catalyst for transformation
  6. Re-engineer around customers
  7. So what does the connected customer look like?
  8. If they were born in 1994….
  9. 83% of companies believe social media isimportant for their businessSocial Media Examiner Study http://bit.ly/I58nkI
  10. Yet only 6% believe their social listening andengagement initiatives are integrated across theorganisationForrester Consulting and Dell Study http://bit.ly/HVVR5w
  11. Social media crises are on the rise Altimeter Social Readiness Study
  12. Top-­‐down  Meat!   Bo*om-­‐up   The social sandwich
  13. You need support from senior management
  14. Customer  Sales   Marke7ng   R&D   IT   HR   Service   Field   Franchise   Channel   Legal   Product   Owners   Partners   Un-silo social from marketing and sales
  15. Organising for socialhttp://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/altimeter-webinar-state-of-the-social-media-management-system-industry
  16. Social Media “Centre of Excellence”•  Hub and Spoke model•  Dedicated, cross-functional group•  Provides: –  High-level strategic advice –  Governance –  Training –  Research –  Measurement frameworks –  Vendor selection
  17. Who leads it? Emergence  of  the  Social  Media  Strategist  
  18. Don’t lockdown social channels
  19. Empower employees with governanceand training•  Reduce potential risk•  Consistent brand experience•  Increased preparedness for crises•  Scalability
  20. Provide ongoing education•  Speakers•  Internal forums•  Communication programs•  Meet-ups
  21. Use social data to inform strategy•  Combine qualitative data collected ‘in the wild’ with existing qualitative metrics•  Get to the heart of customer intent and purchase behaviour•  Share data so every team can benefit•  Focus on uncovering actionable insight
  22. Establish processes to deal with rapidcustomer engagement•  Social media triage and workflows•  Crisis response plan•  Escalation process•  Response times•  Own the interaction
  23. Comment  or  Pos?ng   Social  Media  Comment  and  Response  Protocol   On  organiza7on  own  website/network  or  a  post  on  another  site.     Is  it  a  posi7ve  pos7ng?   Monitor  Only   Avoid  responding  to  specific   post  and  people;  monitor  the  Evaluate   YES   NO   site  for  relevant  informa7on  and   comments.   “Trolls”   Concurrence   Is  this  a  site  dedicated  to  degrading  or   YES   A  factual  and  well  cited   ridiculing  others?   response  or  opinion,  which  may   or  may  not  agree,  yet  the  post  is   not  nega7ve.   NO   Fix  the  Facts   Respond  with  factual     “Web  Rage”   informa7on  directly  in  the   Organiza7on  can  concur  with   Is  the  pos7ng  a  rant,  rage,  joke,  or  ridicule  in  nature?   comment  space.   the  post,  let  it  stand,  or  provide   (See  the  five  possible     a  posi7ve  review.     responses  below.)     NO   YES   Does  Organiza7on  respond?   “Misguided”   Restora?on   Are  there  erroneous  facts  or  statements  in  the  pos7ng?   Rec7fy  the  situa7on,  respond   and  act  upon  a  reasonable   NO   YES   solu7on.   (See  the  five  possible     “Unhappy  Stakeholder”   responses  below.)   YES   NO   Is  the  pos7ng  a  result  of  a  nega7ve  experience?   Share  Success   NO   Final  Evalua?on   Proac7vely  share  the  story   Base  response  on  present  circumstances,  site   and/or  addi7onal   NO   Let  Post  Stand   NO   influence,  and  stakeholder  prominence.     informa7on.   No  response  given.     Will  Organiza7on  respond?   YES   Response  Op7ons  &  Combina7ons   YES   YES   Transparency   Sourcing   Timeliness   Tone   Influence   Disclose  informa7on   Provide  cita7ons,  links,   Take  7me  to  create   Respond  in  a  tone  that   Focus  on  the  most   and  any  affilia7on  to   etc  to  credible  sources   good  responses  from  a   reflects  on  the  high   influen7al  sites  related   Organiza7on   for  accuracy   good  point  of  view   standards/quality   to  the  industry  
  24. Develop a Roadmap•  Short- and long-term•  Technology changes too rapidly•  Focus on how relationships with customers and employees will change, and•  How this will be handled throughout the business
  25. Don’t think screens. Think seamless experience.
  26. Find the right software•  Social Media Management Software –  Hootsuite –  Meltwater•  Listening –  Radian6 –  BuzzNumbers•  Collaboration –  Socialtext –  Basecamp•  Communication –  Yammer
  27. Measure and integrate•  Set business objectives and KPIs•  Integrate with other data sources•  Real-time business intelligence•  Social CRM
  28. The Social Business Hierarchy of NeedsAl7meter  Group  (August  2011)  
  29. One last thing…
  30. Questions? @malchiawww.malchia.com

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Presented at the Social Media Management Conference, Sydney, April 2012


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