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E testing technical-proposal_v22

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E testing technical-proposal_v22

  1. 1. Assessments, and certification Training program in Switzerland Prepared by Leading provider of assessment and talent development solutions and services Comartis AG , Oberneuhofstrasse 1, 6340 Baar, Switzerland www.comartis.comComartis, AG
  2. 2. 1. PurposeThe basis of developing successful educational, training, and certification materials isthe effective use of assessments.This assessments & certification training program, designed to provide a one weekin-depth workshops to learn about how you can use assessments to improve thelearning and measurement processes.This program is designated to encourage faculty members and teachers in theKingdom of Saudi Arabia to highly benefit from the new technologies to developappropriate Assessments activities to determine if students have met their courselearning outcomes. Participants will learn tools to evaluate their own courses.This program will also demonstrates that questions can produce significant learningand performance benefits, potentially improving learning by 150% or more.Participants will benefit from the large experience and know-how of Comartis andsubject matter experts in the area of assessments. 2. StrategyDuring the workshop participants will be trained on measuring students knowledgeby the use of assessments such as self-evaluations, surveys, quizzes, tests andcertification exams.For any of these assessment formats, participants will learn how to providemeaningful and reliable data, they need to be conducted uniformly, evaluatedconsistently and be ongoing by using modern assessment management systems.Participants will also learn how to benefit from the new technologies to develop highquality tests with significant questions.In addition to the learning experience, participants will enjoy tours, sightseeing andactivities in Switzerland.Summary:The training program consists of 3 workshops representing a step forward inimproving the quality, hence the fairness of assessment, instructors will also learnhow they can use assessments to improve the learning process and achieve betterresults.Comartis, AG
  3. 3. Workshop1: Guidelines for Assessment Quality and EquityTrainees will learn how to adopt and implement important guidelines to improve thequality, and hence the fairness of assessment.Workshop 2: Manage the Entire Assessment ProcessTrainees will create, deliver and analyze Assessment and they will also learn how tocombine online and Traditional testing methods to cover all testing circumstances.Workshop 3: Assessments through the Learning ProcessTrainees will learn how quizzes, tests, exams and surveys can be used not only tomeasure knowledge, skills and attitudes but also to enhance learning. 3. Comartis project team:Facilitators:1. Omar Lahyani, co-founder and CEO, is the driving force behind the Comartis vision and market direction. Since 1995 the company has become a leading supplier of Assessment and Learning Management Solutions with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Morocco and the US. The professional quality of its products and services has convinced hundreds customers, including companies like Abbott, Credit Suisse, Novartis, Polaroid, Roche, Siemens and UBS. Mr. Lahyani has an MS in Computer Science and Instructional Design from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.2. Andreas R. Plimpton, co-founder and CTO of Comartis, is responsible for the technical vision and architecture of the i-qbox Human Performance Suite. Mr. Plimpton is well versed in the development of complex e-business software solutions. He has developed complex e-commerce applications that integrate with a variety of heterogeneous systems.Comartis, AG
  4. 4. Mr. Plimpton has been the primary software architect of the i-qbox since its inception. Mr. Plimpton also has an MS in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.3. Dave Marbacher – Mr. Marbacher is Head of Development and part of the Comartis Senior Management Team. He has been with Comartis for over 8 years as the senior developer overseeing the strategic deployment of the Comartis Human Performance Suite initially under the direction of Andreas Plimpton. Before joining Comartis, he worked for cnlab and Check Point Software in the field of VoIP encryption technologies.4. Amine Hanafi, Head of Marketing & Sales in the middle east region, is the Comartis primary point of contact. Hes a business generalist who is prepared to roll up his sleeves for the Comartis clients.Since joining Comartis, Amine has been working with professional organizations andsubject matter experts to craft innovative e-Learning solutions. He is well positionedto offer just the amount and type of marketing assistance needed by virtually any sizeof business. He has a proven track record of being very successful at all hisendeavors.Keynotes:Professors from zurich universityComartis, AG
  5. 5. 4. Agenda for the Online and paperbased tests & certification training program1st day(Monday)from to09:00 11:00 Welcome and Outlines11:00 11:15 Break11:15 13:00 Workshop113:00 14:30 Prayer & Lunch time14:30 17:30 Workshop117:30 18:00 Prayer & Snack2nd dayfrom to09:00 11:00 Speaker111:00 11:15 Break11:15 13:00 Workshop213:00 14:30 Prayer & Lunch time14:30 18:00 Site Visit, Networking3rd dayfrom to09:00 11:00 Speaker211:00 11:15 Break11:15 13:00 Workshop213:00 14:30 Prayer & Lunch time14:30 17:30 Workshop217:30 18:00 Prayer & Snack4th dayfrom to09:00 11:00 Speaker211:00 11:15 Break11:15 13:00 Workshop313:00 14:30 Prayer & Lunch time14:30 17:30 Workshop317:30 18:00 Prayer & Snack5th day(Friday)from to09:00 11:00 Speaker311:00 11:15 Break11:15 13:00 Graduation Ceremony Friday Prayers & Lunch13:00 15:00 time14:30 18:00 Site Visit, NetworkingComartis, AG