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Packaging project

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A most interactive project on packaging!

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Packaging project

  1. 1. BUSINESS PROJECT Guided by: Mrs.Swati Bhargava
  2. 2. Made by- Amisha Pawar. Khushi Agrawal Manasvi Wagh Manisha Thapa Himani Khandelwal.
  3. 3. Introduction: Packaging is one of most important parts of marketing. As clothing is for humans ,packaging is for products. Packaging refers to the act of designing and producing the container or wrapper of a product. Packaging plays an important roal in determining customers attitude towards the product sometimes by looking at the packaging the customer tries to access the product quality. Attractive packaging is one of the important factors in success of a product and perform better .
  4. 4. Levels of packaging1. Primary Packaging 2. Secondary Packaging 3. Transportation Packaging
  5. 5. Primary Package Secondary package Transportation Package
  6. 6. Primary Packaging It refers to the products for immediate container. Example:- Toothpaste ,Colgate, Pepsodent etc…
  7. 7. Secondary Packaging It refers to additional layer of protection that are kept till the product are ready for use. Example:- A toothpaste tube comes in a cardboard box. When a consumer using the toothpaste he disposes of box but retain the primary tube.
  8. 8. Transportation Packaging It refers to further packaging necessary for storage a transportation . Example:- A toothpaste manufacture may send the goods to retailer in a carbolated box.
  9. 9. Functions of packaging
  10. 10. Product Identification :- Packaging greatly helps in identification of product. A nivea jar can be easily identified by its blue colour packaging. It give the product unique identify. Product Protection :- Packaging protects the contects of a product from spoilage, breakage , leckage , forage , damage climatic effect etc. This kind of protection is required doing storing distribution and transportation of product.
  11. 11. Facilitating use of product :- The size and shape of package should be such that it should be convinent to open handler & use for the consumer.
  12. 12. Product Promotion :- Packaging is also used for promoting purposes . An attractive colour , photograph or typephase many be used to draw attention for people at purchasing time. Packaging makes product to look different & unique with different product that people attracted towards it & products get promoted.
  13. 13. Evaluation of packaging :- From the very beginning, packaging has been involving and will keep on involving with changing due to its influency perceptions. The History of packaging dates back to ancient times when natural materials such as leaves from trees , woven baskets or a animal skin for used to store goods.
  14. 14. Time line of major development and innovation in Packaging. Period Packaging Method 3000 -1500 BC Terracotta Vessel 1200 BC Glass Jars 1035 AD First recorded use of paper Middle Ages Wooden Barrels most common way of preserving and transporting goods 1764 Stuff sold in metal tins . Early 1900’s Wooden Crates and boxes replaced by corrugated. Early 1920’s Invention of transparent cellopan 1940’s Development of packaging of frozen foods.
  15. 15. Period Packaging Method 1952 Aerosal cans introduced to the mass market. 1960’s Aluminium Drinks Cans became popular 1961 Aseptic cartons invented & have been used for precerving long life milk ever sins 1977 Most commonly used plastics , Polythyn , terypthalate (PETE) Development.
  16. 16. WOODEN CRATES Wooden Crates was earlier considered the best means of packaging fruits & vegetables to be transported as they were- •Readily & cheaply available. •were tough and durable enough to handle & the whole transportation process. But, with the passage of time increased use of good created issues.
  17. 17. CARDBOARD CRATES  By the Early 1900’s wooden Crates & boxes were being replaced by corrugulated papers & shipping cartoons due to their ease of use & low cast. The Strength lightness & Cheapness of this materials make it very useful for shipping & strong. Today , cardboard boxes more accurately called “c-fluite corrugated paper board cartoons” are used universally for transporting fruits & vegetables & others products.
  18. 18. PLASTIC CRATES The fruits and vegetables industry in extending its use to plastic crates. Using plastic crates is one of the efficent methods of transporting them through all links of distribution chain. Circulation is necessary in fruits & vegetables industry . In a vented Plastic Crates the product can live longer , thus ensuring fresh delievery to
  19. 19. Carry bag Conumdrum  The packaging industry targeting the small industry has witnessed a major change and chorning during the last 3 decades.  The carry bag mainly use by consumer to carry grocery or small item has seen indence competition between paper bag , plastic bag and cloth bag.  The battle for market share is being fought mainly environmental line though cost
  20. 20. Paper Bag ◦ Before there were paper bags , people would bring a container to hold the things they bought in the market, possibly a basket. If the customer did not have a container, the storekeeper would twist sumo paper together to hold the purchase. This was called cornucophia they were the first paper bag.
  21. 21. Plastic bags  Plastic shopping bag, carries bags or plastic grocery bag are a type of shopping bag made from various kinds of plastic . In use by consumer worldwide. Since the 1960, these bags are sometimes called single use bags , referring to carrying out items from store to home.
  22. 22. Cloth Bag  Cloth bags are promoted as the “ greenest option for carrying bag compare to plastic and paper bags.  These bag can reuse and last long. However one time purchase cost is high. Compare to paper or plastic bags even though life time
  23. 23. Changing milk packaging The innovation of packaging of milk has been dependent upon changes in technology for old chain supply . Milk in bottles- *Advantages: 1. Bottles can be reuse. 2. Easy to sanitize. *Disadvantages: 1. Heavy 2. Easy to break
  24. 24. Milk in Plastic Container & Pouch  Easy to mould & transport.  Lighter than glass.  Cheaper to produce.  Convinent.  Shelter Proof.
  25. 25. Milk in Tetra Pack  Can be recycled.  Userfriendly.  Attractive design possible , then effective use of space & materials , efficency and in storage and distribution.
  26. 26. Milk through Vending Machine  More suitable for distribution in a cluster of consumer.  Reduced cost of packaging & transport. The first significant development in packaging of milk for retail sail came at the very beginning of last sanctuary with introduction of the process of sternalized milk in which the retail cantainer. the glass bottle , formed an integral & essential part.
  28. 28. Reuse of packaging. Reuse is to use an item again after it has been used. This include conventional reuse where the item is used again for the same function. Tin boxes , glass jars , plastic bottles are example of packaging which can be reused for storage of various hints after the primary product contained in package is finished. There are two dominant consumer maintained i.e. one like to consult and reuse and other tend to use and throw. The dominant behavior depend on lifestyle and income endorse with busy lifestyle & higher income tend to leave towards the latter category.
  29. 29. Concept of Pyramid packaging for milk. The concept of pyramid packaging has evolved in the ongoing effort to further efficency in packaging technology for the same volume. A tetrahydral pyramid uses less cardboard than a cuboid & therefore is more cost efficent.
  30. 30. Cost of packaging & who pays it. Cost of packaging is an important factor in determining the type of packaging used other than the cost of manufacturing the package , the type of package also influences the cost of storage and transportation. The type of container or package can also increase cost due to high spoilage more space greater weight , breakage etc.
  31. 31. The average packaging cost comes to about 9% of amount once spent on ones product. The extent to which the cost is shared between the consumer and manufacturer depends upon- • Type of materials used & possibility for reuse. • Type of competition in market. • Consumer are now better educated , wealthy & have high expectations.
  32. 32. Conclusion It has been observed from above that – *scope of marketing of products has increase due to new innovation in their packaging. *increase in cost of packaging increase the price of the product. So due care should be taken while planning the nature & type of packaging.
  33. 33. Thank you!! 