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Edu Portal Solution

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Signy is an IT solutions company focused and specialized in web and IT solutions for education domain. With our research, experience and help of educationists, we have developed and delivered web and IT solutions to our clients in education domain which includes colleges, schools, group of institutes, deemed universities and also training institutes.

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Edu Portal Solution

  1. 1. Portal solution for education institutes byIntroductionWhile there are plenty of software and other ICTsolutions knocking doors of education domain Studentspromising to improve quality of education andenhance reputation of the institutes, educationinstitutes are in search of solutions which arepractically useful, usable, scalable and hence Industry Stafflong-serving.Due to two major factors below, meaningfuldeployment of software solutions in institutes Portalremains to be a challenge:a) Complexity of software solutions andb) Major difference in work cultures of institutesand IT companies, ManageOn the other side, education institutes work Parents menttowards addressing pressing need for creating &enhancing trust and confidence among all  The solution is conceived and designedstakeholders. A solution which helps institutes or keeping in mind a few marketing and a fewuniversities creating first impression, ensures that operational necessities of education institutes.being the long lasting one, helps strengthening the  From marketing point of view features likeconnects with key stakeholders and offers parents log in, will help to pass the requiredoperational benefits does stand out in this trust in terms of work ethics etc, students willscenario. feel like using trendy application.  From operations point of view, it serves to Build and enhance reduce efforts and remove hurdles in key Improve quality deliverables of institutes which are results, reputation attendance, college news and updates etc Objectives by making it available online using simple back end.  Because of simple back end, training and Increase revenue Reduce costs support is not needed.  Better probability of success as compared to complex software solutions.With rich experience of working in educationdomain, Signy has identified this need and has This portal is a smart way to deploy softwareenvisaged a custom portal solution for institutes, automation initiative and leverage direct benefitsgroup of institutes, universities and deemed for building and enhancing reputation. Since it isuniversities. With research and help of education simple and yet addresses key pain points, Signydomain experts, Signy has designed and wants it to work as the beginning of softwaredeveloped a portal framework which is built application culture or introductory application inkeeping in mind key stakeholders – students, colleges so that they can minimize risk of failureparents, teaching and non-teaching staff, industry when they implement more complex automationand management. Using this framework, custom initiatives like ERP.portal can be built with quick turnaround time tothe liking of university or institute or a group ofinstitutes. Need • Need to create trust among all stakeholdersQuick overview • Need to make all stakeholders feel valued This portal is an easy to use web application • Need to manage perceptions which has website as its entry point. • Need to make it easy for them to spread word Logins for students, teachers and parents.Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. www.signyit.com Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. • Need to make a connection to stakeholders’  Alumni zone – ex-students can register, daily lives manage contacts, participate and• Need to distinguish your university/institute contribute in various relevant activities. from others  Non-teaching staff zone• Need to create champion advocates – create  Campus placements system – includes pride among stakeholders uploading and managing students’• Need to connect and foster relationships to profiles, recruiters can shortlist candidates guide the future of your university/ institute online, workflow management between• Need to make firm impression on industry and recruiters and institute representatives. keep consolidating it  Event calendar• Need to articulate unique brand of  Photo gallery management educational opportunity  Admin panel  ...and more as per institute’s custom needsMajor benefits• Makes your first impression – and a long lasting Why Signy one – Caters to the taste of students, faculty, • We understand your world. parents, industry and management • This concept of portal is result of research• Not just about impression – gives operational and has been appreciated by benefits educationists and experts. – Helps improve productivity • We co-create the solution with you.• Strengthens connects • We don’t raise hands midway and we do – Internal: students, staff, parents not disappear suddenly. – External: industry, experts, well-wishers • We help you adopt the solution and ensure that the software helps you getPortal includes promised benefits.Broad scope: design, development, deployment • Last but not the least, we love doing it andand maintenance we are passionate about this.Portal, with Content Management System (CMS)will consist of below listed online modules in Next stepaddition to the standard website elements and linkstructure: Spare a couple of hours with Signy team and team  Online admissions will come out with a detailed roadmap.  Exam section – included online results.  Recruitment management system – for Contact institute’s internal recruitment needs.  Faculty zone – includes faculty details, Mandar Joshi provides faculty login facility for publishing Cell: +91 9325617111 and managing attendance, timetables, Email: mandar@signyit.com assignments etc online.  Students’ zone – provides student login, helps students participating and managing their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, for example: Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd apply for official documents/certificates, 7, kruti Industrial Estate, 3rd floor, check and download assignments, upload Off Sangam Press Road, completed assignments, check Kothrud, attendance and results, check timetables, Pune – 411038 syllabus, notes, view and register for events Web: www.signyit.com etc. Email: info@signyit.com  Parents’ zone – provides login for parents who can check results, attendance and feedbacks about own child, parents can connect to respective faculty.Signy IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. www.signyit.com Page 2 of 2