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Gig Poster

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Presentation on Gig Poster Design with the intention for High School students to design their own Gig Poster for a band/song-writer of their choice.

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Gig Poster

  2. 2. HISTORY OF GIG POSTERS  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=play er_embedded&v=kNYQScvrDY0
  3. 3. Gig Poster Traits •Focus on type •Simplistic imagery •Detailed backgrounds •Textures
  4. 4. ARTIST CORNER: Jay Ryan the bird machine bio the bird machine, inc., is a screen print poster workshop, owned and run by Jay Ryan, which is located very close to chicago. Jay graduated from painting from the University of Illinois Jay learned to screenprint beginning in 1995, working under steve walters at screwball press. jay printed posters for his own band (dianogah), his friends' bands, and the clubs they played at. slowly, work from other clubs and other bands came in. http://www.thebirdmachine.com/bi
  5. 5.  in 1999, Jay started the bird machine print shop in the basement of his apartment building, and soon hired Mat Daly to help with the printing responsibilities.
  6. 6.  in 2002, the bird machine moved to proper commercial space in Chicago's rRvenswood neighborhood, during which time the national poster community really took off,  as reflected by jay's constant travel, showing posters and talking to students around the country. during this time, the crew of people working around the shop included diana sudyka, nick butcher, dan grzeca, kevin duneman, nadine nakanishi, sue demel, alana bailey, jack ryan, and, of course, mat daly.  in 2007, the bird machine moved a final time, to a small building in Skokie, a near-north suburb bordering Chicago, where the print shop runs now.
  7. 7. When making a poster for a band do you listen to the music and try and create something that matches the sound? "i try to react to the music in some way - either depicting what i think a song is about (either literally or figuratively), or i take some element of a record cover and make something else with it. sometimes the link between the poster and the band is not obvious. there are times when making a poster is basically the act of being a big fan of the band - it's a way to take part in the show on a personal level, as a fan."
  8. 8. MEDIA  Use an interesting mix of media in your design: • Photo  Scan old ones  Take your own  No borrowed images • Painting-watercolor, acrylic etc. • Pen & Ink illustration • Fabric & Thread • Textured papers • Illustration created in Illustrator • Magazine clippings • Newspaper • Download patterns, textures, brushes, & vector packs jill ricci
  9. 9. FOCUS ON: TYPOGRAPHY  Must download new fonts  Must follow a text tutorial of your choice
  16. 16. YOUR PROCESS:  Create a short ppt: (for tomorrow) 5 slides of possible band ideas. Each slide should show a separate band you might choose to design for and all the old CD covers or gig posters previously designed for that band. For each band idea—name their music genre & list a few ideas of imagery & imagery you would use  Brainstorm: make a list of ideas for your band poster, words that describe the vibe/look/feel of this band, (what is it’s essence?) inspirations, colors, resources etc. List of 5 things (min) on each slide  Will present this tomorrow  Research/ppt presentation (due at crit):  write a short summary on basic vibe & genre of music this would be classified as (1 paragraph)  Briefly explain your history/discovery of this band & why it interests you  add pictures of CD covers and any previously designed posters for this band  Include your brainstorming/inspiration list on one slide  Thumbnails (10image & 10 type)- s20pts  Roughs (5)- 30pts  Final- create on photoshop & illustrator
  17. 17. EXAMPLE Sara Bareilles Buoyed by the springy, Motown-ish single --songwriter/pianist --- clear, expressive (and hardly little) voice that glides effortlessly from alto to soprano, ----Bareilles conveys vulnerability and wisdom in lyrics that speak honestly about relationships from a woman's point of view.--- Her piano-playing and songwriting veer from Billy Joel bounce to Fiona Apple angst, but it's all held together by a commanding sense of melody, and a lovely, pristine production. Clear Pristine Vunerable Lively yet heartfelt Mixed media Folk-soft pop-indie- coffeeshop vibe Spunky-sassy attitude Feminine Gravity song imagery Couch antiques
  18. 18. POSTER DESIGN TUTORIAL  http://vimeo.com/13897659