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Switching to a mac

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Switching to a mac

  1. 1. I’m a Mac, used to be a PC Why you should make the switch...
  2. 2. Common PC Issues• Technical Supports Issues - nowhere to go for free support• PC are getting more and more complicated• Issues with viruses• Applying patches and updating s/w• Whos had technical issues with computers that were hard to fix?
  3. 3. Why You’ll Love a Mac• Comes with great software you’ll want to use: • iLife - iPhoto, iMovie & GarageBand, • OS X Lion- App Store, Email/Contact/Calendar, iCloud• Award winning support - apple retail store or apple care• Compatible with practically all peripherals that connect via USB, Bluetooth• Runs MS Office and is compatible with PC files• Runs windows
  4. 4. Laptop, from $999• Great design, thin, light, awesome battery life• Macbook Air - 11”, 13” • All flash storage - no hard drive• Macbook Pro - 13”, 15”, 17”
  5. 5. Desktop, from $599• Latest intel sandy bridge processors - i5, i7, quad core• Mac Mini, Server - mini pc• iMac - 21.5”, 27” all in one pc• Mac Pro - desktop form factor
  6. 6. How to get started: apple store• Ask questions• Try using different macs• Take free classes• Talk to a genius
  7. 7. How to get started: deals• Apple online store sells refurbs with full warranty• All macs are eligible for a $100 rebate towards a printer, some are free, online or instore• College discounts - all year round with id• Summer education promo,disc & $100 gift card• Mac mall has great deal with rebates.