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Top 10 java script frameworks for 2019

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Technology is evolving day by day, which has no end. Daily in the market, many new technologies are coming out. The same thing is happening with programming languages. Read more

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Top 10 java script frameworks for 2019

  1. 1. Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks For 2019
  2. 2. Technology is evolving day by day, which has no end. Daily in the market, many new technologies are coming out. The same thing is happening with programming languages. Each programming language has positives, drawbacks, complexities, and purpose. Currently, in the world, there is one programming language called JavaScript, which made an indelible mark on the web and emerged as the most popular programming language. As of the survey round the world, 70% of developers are opting to JavaScript by dominating various programming languages like PHP, Java, C#, and Python. The predominant reason to choose JavaScript is the flexibility and adaptability of the language. This language used for both client side and server side applications, apart from that, it will be used to develop native mobile apps, desktop apps, progressive web apps, and many more.
  3. 3. From the starting of programming language to the current time, we have numerous libraries, JavaScript frameworks which are available in the market and every day, every month few more are adding to the list of JavaScript frameworks. With this reason, the developer is unable to choose the right JavaScript framework for their next project. To help you the developer in these situations, we are listing out the Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019.
  4. 4. Top 10 JavaScript frameworks for 2019 1. AngularJS 2. React 3. Vue 4. Ember 5. Meteor 6. Backbone 7. Polymer 8. Aurelia 9. Mithril 10. Node
  5. 5. It is the oldest front end JavaScript frameworks, used by the developers to develop dynamic websites. As it is one of the old front end JavaScript frameworks still AngularJs is the first choice for a large number of developers in the world. Because of this reason, Angular JS is in the top 10 JavaScript frameworks for 2019. Angular JS is the open source front end development framework built on JavaScript. AngularJS developed by Google and community developers to solve the issues encountered while developing single page applications. This framework first released in 2010.
  6. 6. There are two versions of Angular, they are: 1. Angular1 released in 2010 2. Angular2 released in 2016 In the Angular2 version, the new features are inter-component communication, updated dependency injection, and component-based architecture. The latest version of the framework is 1.7.8. Angular JS framework utilized by a large number of organizations LinkedIn, PayPal, Lego, and many more organizations. Currently, 350K websites around the world use Angular JS on the web. Among 100% of developers, 23.9% uses Angular JS framework.
  7. 7. Features: ● MVC architecture: Angular JS framework uses a beautiful architecture called MVC. MVC described as Model, View, and Controller. ● Data binding: This feature will put the Angular JS top among all JavaScript frameworks. It saves time for the developers by synchronizing the model and view components. With the help of this feature, it will help the developer to write less code. In Angular JS, apart from two-way binding, we have event binding, one-way property binding, and interpolation. ● Dependency injection: This framework has a feature called Dependency, which helps to natural development, understanding, and testing. ● Directives: With this framework, we can create custom HTML tags by which we can create custom widgets. ● Great user interface
  8. 8. React is the second in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. The React is the popular front end frameworks used to develop highly efficient used for building top most interactive user interfaces (UIs) with the help of JavaScript library. It is developed and maintained by Facebook and individual developer’s community in 2013, to solve the challenges related to single page applications and mobile apps. React is the open source JavaScript most popular frameworks, which will be used by 3 Lakh websites all over the world. This framework is used to create reusable components for every state, by which we can renew and render data without reloading the page. The React JavaScript framework also used to develop native mobile apps with the help of Android and IOS.
  9. 9. This best front end framework will use MVC, mainly for the V (view) of the application, because for every update, there is no need of reaching the server part to see the updated version. Users of React JavaScript framework: Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Netflix, Yahoo, and Instagram many more. The latest version of React framework is v16.9.0-alpha.0 released on April 3, 2019. Key features: ● High performance: This framework is known for high flexibility and efficiency this used for both client and server side. ● Huge resources: React framework has huge resource bank from which you can learn the subject and if you have any doubts about the framework, you can clear it by using the documents which are available in the community. ● Components: The best future of this front end development JavaScript React is it’s component-based. For easy and faster development of UI, we divide each web page into smaller components.
  10. 10. ● Larger community: The React framework has large community developers who contribute to the React development every day. On GitHub there 1300 contributors for this front end development JavaScript. ● The framework will allow user to use other libraries and frameworks. ● The one-way data binding in React can be done using Flux controls. This flux control helps the data to flow in unidirectional.
  11. 11. Vue It is a lightweight JavaScript framework. Vue is the third in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. It is an open source front end development JavaScript framework developed in 2014 by Evan you. This best JavaScript framework developed for organizing and making web development easy for the developers. It is making changes to the framework based on the need of the customers and developers, which makes Vue framework to stand on the top choice by many developers This framework is taking all the best features and functionalities from various frameworks like Angular and React to provide a lightweight framework. Up to know 64000 websites used Vue framework. In all over the world, 28.8% of developers are choosing the Vue.
  12. 12. Key features: ● Lightweight framework: It is a lightweight framework which is easy to handle and use. The framework size is 18KB. ● Easy to learn: Anyone can learn Vue JavaScript framework if you have little knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. It is easier than React and Angular frameworks. ● Faster configuration: It has inbuilt MVC framework by which we can configure the model very quickly and easily. ● Transitions: In Vue framework, we can easily add transitions to the elements, when they are removed, updated, added from the DOM. ● Flexibility: This framework has a faster reactive system. ● With the help of the JavaScript framework, we can build APIs in minutes for free.
  13. 13. Ember Ember is the Fourth in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. It is an open source JavaScript framework released into the market in the year 2011 by Yehuda Katz. This framework is built based on the Model–View–View Model (MVVM) pattern. We use this JavaScript frontend framework to develop prominent single page web applications. The primary feature of this JavaScript most popular framework is data binding, and it also used to debug the errors. There are 7000 websites which are using this Ember framework. Ember JavaScript framework used by Microsoft, Netflix, LinkedIn, Square, and Zendesk many more.
  14. 14. Key features: ● Templates: The templates will help the developers to write less code. These templates will automatically update when an update released by the Ember. ● These templates used to create a beautiful user interface (UI). ● This framework also used for debugging with the help of Inspector tool. ● The framework mainly concentrates on the functionality and faster development of apps rather than the performance. ● The APIs help the developers to get the job done easily and efficiently.
  15. 15. Meteor Meteor is taking the Fifth spot in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. It is an open source JavaScript framework which used to build JavaScript apps for mobile, web, and desktop. Meteor developed by Meteor Development Group in the year 2012, Meteor was initially called as Skybreakin, which released in 2011. With the help of this JavaScript framework, we can build the apps in the fastest way. We can use this framework with the front end development frameworks like Angular and React. Meteor framework provides Vanilla JavaScript, which encapsulates both the back-end and front-end to one language, which eliminates the burden of learning multiple programming languages. That is why Meteor is standing on the top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. Around the world, 19k websites are using this JavaScript framework. Companies like Mazda, IKEA, Honeywell, and Qualcomm are using the Meteor JavaScript framework.
  16. 16. Features: ● Full-stack framework: With this framework, we can develop and deploy web applications. It has various built-in features like automatic CSS, reactive templates, and many more. ● Testing tool: This framework has inbuilt testing tool option by which we can test our tool while developing only. The name of the testing tool is velocity. ● Live reloading: Every time after updating, adding, deleting of the code, the framework will automatically reload to show instance view of the applications. ● The community developers will help the users by solving the real-time problems which are occurring in the development. ● We can build all types of cross-platform native mobile apps like Android, IOS, and Windows, with the help of this framework. ● Easy to setup
  17. 17. Backbone is taking the 6th spot in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. Backbone is the lightweight MVC framework which was developed by Jeremy Ashkenas in 2010. On February 2019, this framework released its latest version framework 1.4.0. Backbone will give structure to web apps by contributing models with custom events and key-value binding, compilations with the APIs functions, views with declarative handling; it will connect to all your APIs over RESTful JSON interface. It gives access to developers for developing single page web apps and client-side apps which will operate on the same browser. This JavaScript framework will sum up the data into models, DOM into binds and views. Companies like Pinterest, Sony entertainment network, Airbnb, and SoundCloud will use Backbone as their framework for developing web applications.
  18. 18. Key features: ● Interface: The RESTful JSON interface will depend on the MVP (Model-view-presenter) app model. ● Automated updating: If you are changing anything in the model, that will be automatically updated and we can view the changes. ● With event-driven communication between models and views, the developers can read the code easily without any hassle. ● This framework supports RESTful APIs. ● This framework will differentiate UI and business logic.
  19. 19. The polymer JavaScript framework is taking the 7th spot in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. It is an open source JavaScript library which will be used to develop web apps, with the help of web components. Google developers and GitHub contributors developed this framework in 2015. This framework used to programming languages JavaScript and HTML. Polymer framework will allow developers to build own components with the help of HTML and CSS, interactions by using JavaScript. Companies like Google Earth, YouTube, Google play music, Allo, Google I/O, and Google Earth uses Polymer JavaScript framework. As of now, 4k websites build on polymer framework. Around the world, 3.8% of developers are showing interest in this framework.
  20. 20. Features: ● High speed: Polymer framework will work faster when compared with the other front end JavaScript frameworks. Mainly, it will work with lighting speed in chrome and safari browser. ● Native browser: This JavaScript mainly relies on native browser technologies rather than depending on custom JavaScript library. ● It will support one-way and two-way data binding. ● Polymer JavaScript framework enables developers to create their custom elements by using HTML.
  21. 21. Aurelia Aurelia is taking the 8th spot in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. Aurelia is an open source UI framework which used to build mobile and web applications. With the help of this framework, we can write clean and modular JavaScript. This framework has another name called “Next Gen UI framework”. Companies like Freska, Fileee, BTEK Software, and Ordami are using Aurelia JavaScript framework, as of now 800 websites are using the benefits of this framework. The beauty in this framework is we can develop components using JavaScript or Vanilla JavaScript.
  22. 22. Features: ● Easy to learn: If you are aware of HTML and JS, then it is very simple to learn this framework without ease. ● High performance: It provides high performance when compared with other frameworks. The performance of the mobile app will not depend on the user interface. ● Reactive binding: It supports two-way data binding. ● Extensive Ecosystem: Aurelia is more than a framework, it has a platform for developing a website, and mobile apps with a high success rate. ● Simple testing: With the help of testing library and Dependency Injection Container, which is inbuilt in the framework makes unit testing easy for the developers. ● Extensibility: This framework has more extensibility features rather than all other JavaScript frameworks. With the help of this framework, we can generate custom elements, control template generation, Customize template syntax, new reactive binding types.
  23. 23. Mithril is taking the last but one spot in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. This framework is less know for the developers in the modern era. It is a lightweight application (8 KB), which will perform very efficiently (6.4 Ms). This framework will support all the browsers like IE11 and Firefox ESR without using any polyfills. Companies like Vimeo, Nike, and many more use the Mithril framework. Apart from the companies and Startups, other open source platforms like Lichess using this JavaScript framework. Mithril is decreasing the number of DOM updates by enhanced virtual DOM algorithm.
  24. 24. Features: ● Core features: It provides URL routing, default templates, MVC components, and we can customize our data binding. ● Performance: It will perform very well when compared with the other frameworks. ● Mithril (6.4 ms) Vue (9.8 ms) React (12.1 ms) Angular ( 11.5 ms) ● Light weighted framework: The size of the framework is very less when compared with the other JavaScript frameworks ● Download Size: Mithril (8 kb) Vue + vue-Router + Vuex + fetch ( 40 kb) React + React- Router + Redux + fetch (64 kb) Angular ( 135 kb) ● Documentation: This framework has validated documentation in GitHub, which is not Auto-generated content. The documents will update with the latest versions of the framework. ● Mithril will help to develop components by using an optional controller. ● It has a property called auto drawing system. ● The templates developed by Mithril can be tested on any JavaScript engine without adding any plugins.
  25. 25. Node 10 Node is taking the 10th spot in the list of top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. The Node JavaScript framework can be used by the developers who want to try new and trending development frameworks. They will love the Node JS framework. Node JavaScript framework is an open source, which is the server-side platform developed on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine (V8 Engine). Node JS downloaded by many developers, cross-platform runtime environments used for executing JS code. More than 84,000 websites are using this Node JavaScript framework. Most of the developers who want to develop network applications faster, highly extensible depending on event- driven non-blocking input/output model, single-threaded asynchronous programming. Companies like PayPal, Uber, and Walmart use this framework for the back-end.
  26. 26. Features: ● Fastest framework: This framework will work faster than other JavaScript framework with the use of Google’s V8 engine. ● No buffer: Node JS framework will not buffer the data, because all the data will come by data chunks. ● Proxy server: The proxy server feature help to stream data from various sources and used to proxy a few servers. ● In recent times many developers are using Node JS framework to develop real-time applications like gaming. You can also build multi-user applications with the help concurrent connections to improve the experience. ● In this framework, no need for writing code for both front end and back end. A single code used by both sides.
  27. 27. These are the Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2019. We hope this blog is useful and informative. If you are still in confusion in selecting the right JavaScript framework for developing your project, our team is ready to help you 24*7. We are the top most mobile application development company in the USA and India.
  28. 28. FuGenX Technologies CHANTILLY, VA 14175 Sullyfield Circle, Suite # 400 Chantilly, VA 20151, USA. Call: +1-408-850-7270 +1-213-995-8091 Email – info@fugenx.com FuGenX Technologies DALLAS, TX 7161 Bishop Rd, Suite G300, Plano TX 75024, USA. Call: +1-408-850-7270 +1-213-995-8091 Email – info@fugenx.com