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Hilarious colombian hand gestures

A photo presentation with short explanations of all of the most common hand gestures that you will find in Colombia. Very funny!

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Hilarious colombian hand gestures

  1. Hilarious Colombian Hand Gestures By www.mantarayatravel.com/blog
  2. 1. The ´Paila´ Neck Cut´Bummer´,´dammit´, ´paila´and its accompanyingneck cut is a fast andpolite way in Colombiaof saying that asituation ain´t good.
  3. 2. The ´Está tetiado´ Fingers This might be used during arguments in Argentina, but in Colombia it means ´it´s packed´.
  4. 3. The Mucha Gueva FaceCupping your handslike your holding aninvisible ball andslightly shaking thembeneath your chinwhile making a stupidface is a common wayin Colombia of callingsomeone a´dumbass´ or´egghead´.
  5. 4. The ´Montada´ Scissor FingersIf someone is always onyour back, bullying andteasing you, in Colombiayou could describe thesituation by putting yourindex and middle finger oneither side of your wrist andsaying ´Me la tienemontada´.
  6. 5. The ´Tacaño´ Elbow SlapIn Colombia andother Latin Americancountries, slappingones elbow is a wayof calling somebody´stingy´ or a´tight ass´.
  7. 6. The ´Ladron´ Cheek ScratchIf a Colombian makeseye contact with youwhile caressing theirfingers softly down theircheek, they are tellingyou that there´s athief in your midst.
  8. 7. The ´Grave´ Floppy PalmWhen Colombians shaketheir limp hand kind of likea ghetto finger whip, itmeans ´this isserious´ or´trouble´s coming´.Don´t forget the allimportant teeth bearing.
  9. 8. The Lip Point When a Colombian slightly raises their chin, opens up their eyes and pouts their lips, no they are not blowing you a kiss. They are in fact pointing to something, as anyone else would with their index finger. Weird? It´s actually surprisingly practical.
  10. Visit: http://www.mantarayatravel.com/blogFor more slideshows, videos & stories on Colombia