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A Recap of 2013 for the Daily Deal, Coupon, and Ecommerce Industries.

  1. Welcome to the Daily Deal Builder Members Training Webinar. Grab a pen / paper and let’s get started. Presented on Dec. 19th 2013 by Marc Horne Co-Founder, Blog | FB | Twitter | Email
  2. I believe one of the greatest ways we can advance our businesses is by learning from past successes and failures, both internally and externally...
  3. Internally, what actions did your company take this year that brought you the most revenue? 80/20…
  4. What actions did your company take that cause you the most headaches and waste time / money?
  5. What about externally? Have you closely followed your competitors to see what they were up to?
  6. It’s important each year to create a SWOT analysis for your company that looks back on your actions of the past year, as well as one that looks forward to the upcoming year.
  7. What internal strengths and weaknesses do you, your employees, and your company have?
  8. What are the external opportunities and threats that exist within your industry?
  9. Let’s take a peek at what happened with eCommerce, daily deals, and the coupon industries throughout 2013.
  10. There were winners, losers, movers, and shakers; and common ingredients exist with each of them.
  11. Some of the common traits of the winners…
  12. Value Adds Deal, coupon, and ecommerce sites that saw continued growth in 2013 implemented value added services to their services and offerings. To keep your members engaged, you must provide more than a daily deal to both your subscribers and merchants. Offering your subscribers advice, recipes, local event information, community events, etc. within email bodies can keep folks excited to open up your emails. Likewise, the merchants you work with are unique, and custom value added services are a surefire way to provide them with a better, customized service. An added benefit is that these value-adds will also increase your revenue.
  13. Value Adds Not every business you work with may benefit from running a daily deal with your company, however, they may benefit from running a free coupon promotion. They may be in need of an update to their corporate website, or mobile apps, photography and video services, SEO help, social media help, etc. Most of our Daily Deal Builder clients are smaller, more geographically specific companies and can rely on their deepened connection with the local community to differentiate from Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, and the other Ecommerce giants. Who doesn’t appreciate buying local, supporting local, and saving local?
  14. Mobility & Innovation Winners in 2013 capitalized on the increase in smart phone and tablet internet users. People use, browse, and shop on their smart phones and tablets more than ever and 2013 showed us that those who put a major emphasis into building out their mobile applications, html5 apps, or native apps yielded better responses from their subscribers.
  15. Mobility & Innovation Build a mobile app for your site! Let us help, or hire your own team to do so. An HTML5 app will cost you about $3,000 and native apps will cost you about $5,000 each. 2014 is only going to see an increased need for you to go mobile.
  16. Keeping costs low Ecommerce changes every day. New technologies have helped level the playing field with traditional retailers. Improvements to shopping cart software have created a quicker, and more customer-friendly shopping experience. Live chat has enhanced ecommerce customer service and helped keep customer support costs lower. Using existing data and analytics could be an opportunity for ecommerce companies to better understand customer preferences without spending an arm and a leg gathering their own data. Social media sites provide free or low-cost promotions and getting in front of your target audience has never been easier. Ecommerce vendors benefit from a structural advantage; you have lower operational costs than a brick and mortar store. The winners of 2013 invested heavily into new technologies and mobility, while maintaining very low costs.
  17. Speaking of big data… If you would like any of this data or subscriber information, please contact me directly at
  18. Ease of Use The easier it is for your customers to buy from you, the more buyers you should have. I believe ease of use is one of the biggest reasons why Amazon has continued to dominate. 1-click purchases and recommended products make the site an absolute pleasure to shop at.
  19. User Generated Recommendations For years, I have been preaching that user generated recommendations are the most powerful form of advertising that any company can utilize. This was a big one for most of the winners of 2013. They made it as easy as humanely possible to share their website and deals with friends and colleagues. Those who ran contests and actually incentivized users to share yielded even better results.
  20. Some of the common traits of the losers…
  21. Customer Support Failures In this day and age where a customer can simply visit a Facebook page and immediately provide feedback, staying on top of customer support is a must. We have witnessed multiple companies go through extensive customer support failures. When one of your customers gets upset and has trouble with your support department, they most likely will not be a customer anymore. In fact, there is a rather good chance they will work against your business and tell others to NOT do business with you.
  22. Mobility Just as mobility and innovation was one of the reasons why the winners of 2013 kept growing, it is one of the reasons why many businesses stopped growing. As more and more people search and shop from their smart phones and tablets, the need for you to “go mobile” increases.
  23. Security and Fraud Some people are still reluctant to use their credit cards online. Maintaining the highest level of security and keeping your websites live online is super important. In November, Living Social’s website went down for 2 days and no revenue was generated. Get trust seals and an SSL.
  24. Low barriers to entry Low barriers to entry are a constant threat in the daily deal, coupon, and ecommerce spaces. It’s easy to set up an ecommerce business, even in a garage. People can sell items via Facebook or eBay without setting up their own websites. Low barriers to entry are a vital reason why staying innovative is important.
  25. Many major moves happened in 2013 and 2014 should follow a similar path…
  26. Businesses STILL want help marketing this holiday season so they can capitalize on the increase in customer activity.
  27. They want new, loyal customers.
  28. Businesses need help marketing.
  29. They want help with online promotions.
  30. Consumers will be spending an enormous amount of money on gifts.
  31. There is a massive opportunity for YOU to take advantage of these trends by helping businesses run online promotions.
  32. Daily deals have made many entrepreneurs & small businesses millions of dollars.
  33. Daily deals have made many broadcast & print media companies millions.
  34. Daily deals have made many travel & excursion companies millions.
  35. Daily deals have made many direct marketing companies millions.
  36. Daily deals have made many retail companies millions.
  37. Daily deals have been responsible for generating businesses absolutely enormous and responsive email databases.
  38. Daily Deal Builder alone powers hundreds of deal sites in over 30 countries and we have helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners in the deal space.
  39. MYTH: The daily deal industry is just a phase. It will die out.
  40. 1. People have always, and will always, love getting deals. It makes us feel good. 2. Merchants & product owners will always run deals, coupons, or promotions to get new customers. 3. I’m about to show you an easy way to put your business in a position to profit using #1 & 2.
  41. I’d like to show you how Daily Deal Builder 3.0 will help your company; • • • • • Increase your brand awareness & loyalty. Grow a hyper-responsive and segmented email list. Grow your bottom line. Capitalize off of an explosive industry. At a price that will absolutely shock you!
  42. Businesses Around the Globe continue to Capitalize On the “Deal Industry”
  43. Let me show you around a demo site…
  44. DDB integrates with
  45. DDB integrates with
  46. DDB integrates with
  47. DDB integrates with
  48. DDB integrates with
  49. DDB integrates with Amazon SES
  50. Here Are Just A Few Ways You’ll Be Able To Increase Revenue With Your Daily Deal Site:
  51. Affiliate Revenue Method Sell ALL types of affiliate products.
  52. The Info Product Method Your site can start earning income by offering downloadable products as an affiliate… The best part is you can use this simple method in any market… even if you don’t have a product!
  53. Local Merchants • How to easily create the perfect offers and structure deals that work for all parties. • How to get your new customers to spread the word about YOUR site... • We hook you up with the knowledge, contracts, swipes, and tools to get local merchants begging you to run offers.
  54. Deal Brokering Connect with and represent businesses who have either run a daily deal in the past, are thinking of running a daily deal, or haven’t even thought about it yet WITH one or many of the thousands of daily deal websites that exist.
  55. You walk into a sporting goods store. Arrange for them to run a deal on your deal site. Also, Have Groupon / Living Social / and 3 others run the promotion. In total, $155,000 is sold from the other deal sites. From the deal that you worked out, you cut yourself in 10% and generate around $7,000.00 FROM A SINGLE DEAL! That doesn’t include the 30%-50% that you generate from running the deal on your own site!
  56. The important thing to note is that on each campaign it only takes a short amount of time, and we have systematized everything for you...
  57. The Way… • Work with people who are selling quality products and services and have a vested interest in their business. • Increase the value of your clients so that you do not need many clients at all to generate a six or seven figure income. • Work with only the best businesses selling real services, and helping real people. • Only work with folks that understand it takes money to make money and payoffs are HIGH.
  58. We teach you exactly: • • • How to find business owners ready to cut you a check and how to deliver massive results for them. How to leverage the success, traffic, and subscriber base of other people who are already successful while simultaneously building your own engaged subscriber base. How to potentially generate a huge five, six, or even seven figure income without many clients.
  59. We are opening our doors to a select group of individuals to take advantage of our software that will automate the entire deals process for you.
  60. And for this small group of elite partners we’re going to allow you access to your own deal site ready to take orders almost instantly…
  61. We continually create and release superb training for our publishers based on extensive research and feedback from publishers and merchants. We have an in depth members library that teaches our clients the most effective way to launch and grow their daily deal site, generate targeted traffic, build strategic relationships and affiliates, and much more.
  62. Included: HC Traffic Pro content syndication software to help you grow your SEO rankings and organic traffic.
  63. Ongoing Q&A Training Webinars
  64. Daily Deal Builder Your Automated Daily Deal Custom Site Includes: • The Deal Broker System • The Instant Affiliate Revenue Method • The Info Product Method • The Local Money Method • The Local Traffic Method
  65. Daily Deal Builder Includes: • • • • The Ultimate Viral Traffic System Search Engine Marketing Software Ongoing Training And Support Website Provisioning & Deal Site Install (normal price $249) • Our Platinum Support Team
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  70. We THANK YOU for attending and we are excited to start working with you on your new Daily Deal Builder Website 800 - 794 - 7192