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Environmental concerns

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Environmental concerns

  1. 1. Get Speaking! Improving your communication skills and confidence in English www.splendid-speaking.com The Splendid Speaking Course Volume 2 Unit 4 ‘Captivate your Audience’ Splendid Expressions ‘Difficult Situations’ Unit 25: Environmental Concerns Task: Presentation (1-2 minutes) Topic vocabulary Acid rain 1. Introduction: Read the following article from a local paper: Biodegradable Carbon footprint Climate change To conserve energy Have your say To contaminate Deforestation As part of a local campaign for the opinions of ordinary Endangered species to protect the environment individuals who feel Energy conservation people are being invited to passionate about the fate of Energy efficient Global warming make short presentations in the environment and the Greenhouse effect schools and community effect on future To meet targets Renewable energy centres outlining their generations. If you fit the To recycle personal views on vital bill and would like to Toxic waste questions that affect the present your arguments to Useful proverbs future of the world. a wider audience contact The chickens have come Campaigners are looking your local campaign group home to roost. Actions speak louder than words. 2. Planning: Spend 1 minute making notes. Use a mind map if it helps, or Where there’s a will, there’s a just think about the following points: way. Current environmental issues of importance to you You can’t make an omelette Actions you take to protect the environment without breaking eggs. Steps you think Governments should take to protect the environment No man is an island. An ounce of prevention is 3. Task focus: A great way to get the attention of your audience is to make worth a pound of cure. your talk topical. Relating your presentation to real-world events emphasises the importance of the subject. Relate this topic to a local environmental issue or something of national or international importance. 4. Language: Tick any of the language on the left you want to use. Task: Discussion (10-15 minutes) A young person’s magazine has asked readers for suggestions for the top Listen to Otavio from three things ordinary people can do to protect the environment. In your B r a zi l t a l k i n g o n a group, come up with THREE specific suggestions. Use your own ideas or any similar subject. See the of these general issues as starting points for the discussion: Ma y a r c h i v e s recycling ( I n t e r vi e w 2 5 ) a t : consumer choices s p l e n d i d- s p e a k i n g . c o m use of transport political activism