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Splendid Speaking Course
                                                                    Splendid Expressions
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  1. 1. Splendid Speaking Course Splendid Expressions ”Ideal companions for the Splendid Speaking Task Sheets” The Splendid Speaking Course Volume 1 Unit 2 ‘Active Listening’ Unit 8: Making a Difference Task: Role Play (3-4 minutes) Topic vocabulary 1. Introduction: In preparation for a Careers Fair the organisers are looking To make a valuable to invite TWO guest speakers from the world of work. To help them make contribution. their choice, you and your partner have been asked to decide which two To be a good role model of the following professions make the biggest contribution to society: To have an impact on To look up to somebody Doctors | Writers | Politicians | Teachers | Scientists | Journalists | Artists To work tirelessly To inspire others 2. Planning: Spend a few minutes thinking about which of the professions To take responsibility you rate more highly than others and why. However, be prepared to To offer an essential service change your mind later in the face of persuasive arguments! To make a sacrifice To lay down one’s life 3. Task focus: Work with your partner to reach agreement rather than To serve the public/nation simply arguing for your own choices. Ask your partner for his/her To offer moral/spiritual opinions, using open-ended questions to encourage full answers: guidance Why … Where … What … Tell me … How … To be lost without someone Use some of the role play expressions on the left to show interest in or to Role play expressions respond to comments your partner makes. You were saying … You mentioned … 4. Language: Tick any of the language on the left you want to use to present The point you made about … your case. Write down some of your own. was interesting. That’s a good point. Task: Presentation (1-2 minutes) You’ve got a point there. You’re absolutely correct. Precisely! latest news ... I see what you mean but … I see what you’re getting at One of the balloons in the ‘Round the but … World’ race is in trouble .... last seen But don’t you think … rapidly losing altitude .... rescue teams ready ... The seven professions above each have a representative in one hot air balloon, which is losing altitude very quickly! Only two professions can be saved – five must be handed a parachute and ejected! Work in groups and choose one of the professions to support. Make sure each group has a different profession. Plan a 1-2 minute presentation Listen to Ekaterina and Lachesara from Bulgaria outlining why your person should be allowed to stay in the balloon. Then talking on a similar nominate one person from your group to stand up and deliver the subject. See the presentation. December archives ( I n t e r vi e w 8 ) a t : Finally, hold a class vote to see which two professions remain in the s p l e n d i d- s p e a k i n g . c o m balloon.