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Maria Mingallon                                     Maria Mingallon is a senior structural engineer with a degree in      ...
2003-04, Erasmus Scholarship:        Taichung Tower International Competition, Taiwan, 2011Imperial College, London, UK.  ...
December 2012.                         the AA Interprofessional Studio led by Theo Lorenz and Tanja SiemsScientific Comput...
McGill School of Architecture,April 2011.                                       Awarded ‘Gerald Sheff Visiting Professorsh...
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Maria Mingallon CV

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Maria Mingallon CV

  1. 1. Maria Mingallon Maria Mingallon is a senior structural engineer with a degree in architecture. She uses Nature as a source of knowledge and digital computation as a tool for designing, analysing and fabricating. She graduated in 2005 in Civil Engineering and obtained a scholarship to complete her studies at Imperial College in London. She has worked at ARUP since graduating as a Structural Engineer. Among other projects, she has designed two footbridges leading to the Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects at the London 2012 Olympic Park. In 2008 Arup sponsored her master degree in Emergent Technologies and Design at the Architectural Association from which she graduated with Distinction.www.mariamingallon.comProfession She has taught at the Architectural Association as a visiting tutor. She isStructural Engineer currently teaching Advanced Construction at McGill School of Architecture where she was awarded the Gerald Sheff VisitingCurrent Position Professorship in Architecture for outstanding part-time teaching, inSenior Structural Engineer June 2011. From Sep 2010, she directed the ContemPLAY pavilion project (in collaboration with FARMM), which has recently reached completion. She is also part of the reviewing committee for theJoined Arup Symposium in Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design.2005 On December 2010, Maria published her first book: Fiber CompositeYears of Experience Adaptive Systems. On August 2012 she co-authored a chapter titled7 years Bio-inspired Self-Actuating Composite Materials part of the book: Composites and Their Applications.NationalitySpanish Maria is currently co-directing the b-Shack project, a beehive observation shack to be designed and built by graduate students of McGill University, in collaboration with the Facility for ArchitecturalLanguages Research in Media and Mediation, FARMM.Spanish, English, FrenchQualifications2008-09, Msc (Distinction)Emergent Technologies + Design, Specializing in advanced computation and digitalArchitectural Association, London. fabrication, Maria represents Arup successfully in engineering and academia with her past and current works2008, CEng MICE, UK.2005, Chartered Member of theInstitution of Civil Engineers,Spain. Nouvelle Autoroute 30 Montréal, Canada, 2009 - current Construction Phase Structures Coordinator, supervising the construction2000-05, MEng Civil, Structural & and remedial actions for non-conformances to the original design.Environmental Engineering (5years degree). Parracombe Footbridges, Bristol, UK, 2012Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Assistance to Bristol’s ARUP office for the parametric modeling ofPuertos, UCLM, Spain. three different bridge typologies at the concept stage. www.arup.com
  2. 2. 2003-04, Erasmus Scholarship: Taichung Tower International Competition, Taiwan, 2011Imperial College, London, UK. Assistance to Toronto’s ARUP office for the parametric design of a 550m high tower scheme.Publications Heifei Yangtze Skyline Mansion Competition, China, 2011‘Composites and their Assistance provided to Toronto’s office on the 3D computationalapplications’, edited by Ning Hu, parametric model used for preliminary structural analysis of the tower.Chapter 15: ‘Bio-Inspired Self-Actuating Composite Materials’, London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, UK, 2006 - 2008InTech, ISBN 978-953-51-0706-4, Structural Engineer for the Conceptual and Detailed design for thePublished: August 22, 2012. footbridges leading to the London Aquatics Centre, designed by ZahaASME, Biomimetics in Hadid Architects.Architecture, ‘The Architecture ofthe dragonfly wing: a study of the PPP M1/Westlink Belfast, UK, 2005 - 2006structural and fluid dynamics Private partnership project for the improvement of the motorwaycapabilities’, Denver, Colorado, network around Belfast.USA. November 2011.ACADIA, Responsive Information Teachingand Variations in Architecture,Peer Reviewed Exhibition: ‘Fibre ARUP, Algorithmic Design with Grasshopper, 2013Composite Adaptive Systems’. Arup internal 2-days course, to be imparted in our offices in New York,New York, USA, October 2010. Los Angeles and San Francisco.‘Fiber Composite Adaptive McGill University, School of Architecture, Montreal, 2010 - currentSystems: A manifesto into self- Advanced Construction, MArch program. Parametric design and digitalactuating potentials of fibercomposite structures embedded fabrication in architecture.with shape memory alloy Community Design Workshop, MArch program. Hands-on experience,actuators’, published by LAP ContemPLAY pavilion.Lambert Academic Publishing;ISBN-13: 978-3843367257, Architectural Association, London, 2009December 14, 2010. Introduction to Design by Scripting (VB), 3-days workshop.SimAud, ‘Associative modelling ofMultiscale Fibre Composite AcademicAdaptive Systems’, Orlando, FL, The b-Shack Project, Montreal, 2012 – currentlyUSA, April 2010. Design and construction of a beehives observation shack, using parametric design and digital fabrication tools; management andPress coordination of the project as co-director together with Jason Crow from the Facility for Architectural Research in Media and MediationContemPLAY pavilion for (FARMM) of the McGill School of Architecture.Architizer A+ Awards, New York,December 2012. ContemPLAY Pavilion Project, Montréal, 2012La Maison de larchitecture du Design and construction of a pavilion, using advanced computationQuébec, Protéiforme: architecture techniques and digital fabrication tooling; management andparamétrique, Montreal, November coordination of the project in collaboration with FARMM, McGill2012 - February 2013. School of Architecture.ContemPLAY pavilion Theaterhaus Jena, Germany, 2009for Architects Journal Small Design and construction of an inflatable structure for the TheatreProjects Awards 2013, UK, Festival ‘Crash Boom Bau!’ in Jena. EU funded project as part of the Cultural Programme for the Bauhaus year 2009, in collaboration with www.arup.com
  3. 3. December 2012. the AA Interprofessional Studio led by Theo Lorenz and Tanja SiemsScientific Computing AA Terrace Canopy Project, London, UK, 2009World, Structural engineering Design and construction of a canopy for the AA terrace by the Emtechsoftware reveals architecture of students in collaboration with Buro Happold Engineers. Maindragonfly wing, August 2012. responsibilities were coordination of the structural design in liaison with BHE, development of construction sequence and methodology underArchDaily, The ContemPLAYPavilion / DRS + FARMM, tight site constraints and a low budget.August 2012. MMOT, SSHRC Research Creation Grant in Fine Arts, 2011FIGMENT City of Dreams Part of the research team at McGill School of Architecture awardedPavilion 2012-2013,The Enneper with a grant to investigate the productive and demonstrativepavilion by Maria characteristics at play in architectural design methodologies:Mingallon among the finalists, “Modelling the Methodologies of our Time”.New York, July 2012.Archinect ContemPLAY,‘Adventures in full-scale digital Competitionsfabrication’, July 2012. Enneper Pavilion, FinalistCanadian Architect, ‘McGill City of Dreams Pavilion Competition, New York, May 2012architecture students createContemPLAY pavilion’, June Amsterdam Iconic Footbridge2012. AC-CA International Competition, Amsterdam, March 2012ZQ Zygote Quarterly, ‘Interviewwith Maria Mingallon’, May 2012. eVolo 2012 Skyscraper International CompetitionContemPLAY pavilion wins collaboration with MSSM Associates, Jan 2012Excellence Award from theAmerican GalvanizersAssociation, May 2012. fLying seating installationBrown Bag Lecture Series Seoul International Design Competition, South Korea, 2011presents: Maria Mingallon, March2012. MSD Future Proofing SchoolsOasys GSA case studies: ‘The International Competition, Melbourne, Australia, 2011Architecture of the DragonflyWing’, February 2012. Paphos FootbridgesARCH20 and 3D-Dreaming, Collaboration with MSSM Associates, Cyprus, 2011Disaster Recovery Skyscraper,eVolo 2012 SkycraperCompetition entry, in collaboration REPEATwith MSSM Associates, January TEX-FAB, Digital Fabrication, Houston, USA, 20102012.Morfae, Paphos Footbridge by Taxi StandsMSSM Associates with Andri Design Montréal, ‘Les taxis prend ses aires’, Canada, 2010Shalou and Parametric Structures +Design in Cyprus, November2011. Wu Zhi Qiao Footbridge, Third AwardMorfae, ContemPLAY pavilion, a Arup internal design competition, (entry no. 57), Mixia, China, 2010student led initiative of the McGillSchool of Architecture, April2011. Academic AwardseVolo, ContemPLAY Pavilion – www.arup.com
  4. 4. McGill School of Architecture,April 2011. Awarded ‘Gerald Sheff Visiting Professorship’Morfae, the shape of things: Recognizing excellence and outstanding skills in part-time teaching,architecture, design, interior, art,style – Fibre Composite Adaptive McGill University School of Architecture, June 2011.Systems, November 2010.Biomimetic Architecture Research MSc Distinction for thesis: Fibre Composite Adaptive SystemsCommunity, ‘The Architecture of As part of the master program in Emergent Technologies and Designthe Dragonfly Wing’, Oct 2010 taught by Mike Weinstock, Michael Hensel and Achim Menges,and Fibre Composite AdaptiveSystems, October 2010. Architectural Association, London, UK. November, 2009.Domus, ‘Fibre CompositeAdaptive Systems’, Russia, Sep EC Erasmus tuition scholarship2010. Imperial College, London, UK, 2003-2004.Urban Flux, China, Thesis onFibre Composite Adaptive UNIÓN FENOSA, First Award, UCLMSystems, July 2010. Best Academic Project for the Urban Development of an industrialeVolo, Fibre Composite Adaptive Area: Industrial Sector Larache, Ciudad Real, Spain, March 2003.Systems, June 2010.archdaily, Fibre Composite SIKA, S.A., Third Award, National ContestAdaptive Systems / Architectural Construction project of an egg-shaped sludge treatment plant, Spain,Association, June 2010. June 2005.Tectónicas Digitales, Laboratoryfor Advanced Architecture,ComtemPLAY, May 2011 andCompuestos de Fibra Inteligentes,June 2010. www.arup.com