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Super size me

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Super size me

  1. 1. SUPER SIZE ME By: María Paula Cuervo Cely
  2. 2. Super size me is a documentalabout a men called MorganSpurlock who decided to makean experiment, eat three times ona day, for an entire month, McDonalds food.He did that because he saw thatpeople in America were eaten alot of fast food, and obesity wasso common.He wanted to make commonsense about this important topicthat was affected the greatmajority of world’s population.
  3. 3. CAUSES In the past, the most common way to eat was in people’s own houses, the food was prepared there. Nowadays the great part of the society go to a restaurant for get some food, and is commonly that people get that in a fast food restaurant. In schools lunch is usually fast food, even if there are another options, children prefers fries or candies than healthy food. Some people has become addicted of fast food, for example, Dob Gorske, love the Big Mac. Not satisfied with that, Mc Donald’s restaurants offered a Super Size option which contains a lot of soda and fries.
  4. 4. PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCES America has now become the fattest nation in the world, this means that a big percentage there suffer of obesity. Some of the consequences of the experiment that realized Spurlock were:  Morgan increased his weight 11 kilos.  He got serious liver problems  His cholesterol increase a 65 percent, for that reason the percent of fat increase too.  The risk of get a Heart Dise double his percentage in a 200%  People needs to be eating Mc Donald’s food all the time, because it is addictive.
  5. 5. PSICO CONSEQUENCES Eat Mc Donald’s food could make some depression and fatigue It could make too some mood swings Finally fast food affect too sex life because it becomes worthless