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Fp shared vision presentation 2011



        Forming Fully Engaged Business Teams™
Breaking Common
    Language Barriers

       Shared Vision™ is not the same as a
        business plan vision.
Speak Easy

       A Job versus a Role

       A Staff versus a Team

       My office versus Our Office

       ...

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Fp shared vision presentation 2011

  1. 1. FIREPOWER SHARED VISION™ FOUNDATIONS FOR TEAM SUCCESS Forming Fully Engaged Business Teams™ 2011
  2. 2. Breaking Common Language Barriers 2  Shared Vision™ is not the same as a business plan vision.  It is a simple statement that can be extracted from your business plan vision and mission if you already have one.
  3. 3. Speak Easy 3  A Job versus a Role  A Staff versus a Team  My office versus Our Office  My clients versus Our Clients
  4. 4. A Long Term requirement 4 Shared Vision™ is written for your team.  It is an evolving tool.  It is for connecting your team to your future.  It is for your team to reference at a regular frequency.
  5. 5. Shared Vision™ For Hiring Accuracy 5 Common hiring misfires interrupt the performance of large and small organizations.  Hiring occurs without communicating the strengths required to succeed in the role.  Constant hire-rehire cycles.
  6. 6. No Vision - 6  Team members feel accountable to fulfilling their job description.  No quantifiable process for developing long term contributions to growth.  Team members do not feel connected to the firm’s mission.
  7. 7. Maximize Team Contributions 7 This is a common complaint among owners and decision makers that have enjoyed long standing teams.  Why can’t we get our team to think outside the box, get on board to help us meet our growth goals?  My team does not stay late to satisfy client needs.  My team remarks “its not my job” if encouraged to expand their duties.
  8. 8. Warning Signs 8  We do not have updated job descriptions and our team is not clear about requirements for success.  The team seems motivated, yet uninspired or eager to learn.  They do not have ideas when asked for input at team meetings.
  9. 9. Three Things You Must Consider 9 1. Communicate the role of each team member in sync with your vision. 2. Develop their ongoing contributions to your vision. 3. Arrange team collaborations that are in sync with your vision.
  10. 10. The firepower™ Vision Dialogue 10 The FIREPOWER Vision Dialogue explores two primary planning questions that will help to form a basis for your Shared Vision™. Wondering how well your organization understands your goals? Try asking your associates if they can explain your company vision.  Does it match yours?  Can they express it clearly?  Do they share it with others ? Now we can explore the two questions. We will use your answers to shape your simply stated Shared Vision™  What are the specific challenges you aim to solve in your marketplace?  Next, describe the clients you currently serve or (plan to) using these services.
  11. 11. The Firepower™ Vision Dialogue 11 Exploring your preferences for your own role(s) is a critical component of forming your Shared Vision™. Your team will understand your contribution as you move toward the future.  What challenges your ideas about the future of your business?  How will your team members help you to meet your future goals?  What part of your business energizes you?  What part of your client processes might you personally continue, what aspects do you wish to transfer?  Using your personal strengths as a guide, how will your role transition from owner sales to working with a new sales team?
  12. 12. Shared Vision™ The Essential Component 12 FIREPOWER™ Team Foundations 1. The process forms your search criteria by targeting the requirements for the position which you are hiring. 2. Merges all performance considerations to ensure the likelihood of success. FIREPOWER™ Team Development 1. Formulate your Shared Vision™ to optimize new and existing team member contributions. 2. Validate individual problem solving strengths required for successful performance. 3. Arrange your team capabilities in sync with your vision, to fuel performance and demonstrate your unique and identifiable team culture.
  13. 13. What is the Firepower™ Consulting brand? 13 “More than anything, we inspire professional teams to expand their client interactions, increase their market share and grow profits, by using the unique problem solving strengths of their team as a foundation for growth. We facilitate a renewed business perspective, integrating the timeless aspects of human performance to connect the entire team to a Shared Vision™. Together we co-create an exclusive and identifiable business culture that supports the desired business vision, and using three critical processes we answer the essential business planning question: Who is on your team? Over a twenty five year period, the quest has not changed. Successful practitioners want to achieve sustainability and balance of life and work. They are inspired by new opportunities to serve clients. They employ their wisdom, their natural talents and core values as a guiding compass to orient organizational decision making. Aware of the newest product lines, client management systems, marketing techniques and service improvements, they realize that systems and processes are not the only considerations for achieving long term success. Many great ideas for practice enhancements have left their teams feeling overwhelmed and without actionable guidance, as they attempt to on-board new processes. Our solution to the challenge; formulate a distinct and shared business vision and connect the unique abilities of your team in sync with your vision. Once connected, your team will see clearly how they can continue making revenue generating contributions toward your shared goals. People drive your business plan. Engaging your team’s productive energy and arranging their innate strengths to fuel your shared business vision is our focus. Your team helps you to enhance your client relationships and they innovate organizational improvements while they drive their unique passion and productive strengths into your plan. Your team learns to formulate a contributing role to your business vision, by using their strengths to power their contributions. Momentum is everything. It takes dedication by the entire team to achieve your shared goals, and finding your momentum is often the most difficult component of the transition! Your team must focus their efforts and maximize individual and collective productivity in order to power long term success of your strategic plan. FIREPOWER™ clients want a growth process that is driven by their own authentic abilities. The want to build and re-energize their teams, to increase market share and to sustain their new found momentum. They want a partner to navigate the course. We are on site and in depth, helping your people to fuel performance and achieve your business vision together.
  14. 14. The Working Relationship 14 Why work with a consulting partner? “In the midst of running your business the last thing you need is a complicated process for knowing who should be on your team, and what will sustain their motivation toward your vision!” Successful business owners have an idea of what they want to achieve, yet it is difficult to know how to get their team connected to the goals; their energies engaged beyond their job descriptions. As an independent business owner, it is difficult to formulate an objective viewpoint about meeting your business vision, determine who should be on your teams, measure their performance, know how they can grow their contribution to your client relationships and manage the real dynamics of your workplace, while you are doing your part. We are asked by owners and key decision makers, how they can formulate objective expectations for team hiring that will sustain the working relationship. During the early business building years, most of our clients have hired from job descriptions, without effective expectations for growing as a cohesive organization. A fortunate few have enjoyed long standing working relationships and their challenges are growth oriented. They desire increased contributions. When we examine the natural strengths of their team members in sync with a Shared Vision™ their efforts demonstrate continuity of the practice culture, they learn mutual respect for the values of each team member and they maximize their collaborative participation in the business growth plan. Business owners need dedicated expertise to define their next phase, provide them wit the confidence to move ahead while they concentrate on business development. The right hire and positive alignment of team member capabilities will fuel your productivity, your client relationships and your revenues, so you can continue to grow. FIREPOWER™ Team Foundations forms a critical basis for organizational hiring and selection and team development. To build a team with long term potential is our goal. Your continued success as you grow, depends on your ability to select and develop people with the right abilities for your organizational needs. We are your business partner, providing the tools and processes that will enable you to select and develop your team with confidence as you grow your business. The results are Qualitative & Quantitative We cut through relationship build-up that prevents well established teams from communicating their values. We determine the required expectations for new positions so you can communicate them to potential candidates, new team members and existing teams. With clear expectations for how to succeed in each role, we harness individual capability, inspire innovation and create synergistic collaborations, so you and your team will achieve your Shared Vision™. Instruments are EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) approved, meets American Psychological Standards and Adult Learning Association Standards.
  15. 15. Maria C. Forbes, Founder FIREPOWER™ Business Catalyst Kolbe Certified™ , AECS® Developing Fully Engaged Team Performance 15 A twenty-five year consulting career has re-energized the performance of professional teams in the Midwest and Southeast United States regions. Maria brings awareness to the unique individual capabilities of the team beyond the job description and integrates these reliable strengths into the business planning process. Maria is a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, using the Kolbe Instruments to validate individual instinctive problem solving strengths, resulting in a Performance MO™. A guided exploration of passion and performance bridges the gap between what we know about our work, and how we instinctively move through challenge, to maximize team contributions and ignite new energy into a workplace culture. Using her branded process, FIREPOWER™ Business Catalyst, Maria unites three specific business capabilities; the owner’s expressed vision for the future, and the way in which unique abilities of their team can be arranged to sustain client relationships and increase market share. An accredited expert in consultative sales, AECS® RainmakerDNA, Maria’s mission is to maximize performance of professional teams by engaging their individual and collaborative strengths toward a Shared Vision™. With a degree in Commercial Design from Missouri State University, Maria entered the corporate space-planning field, managing workspace designs for corporate relocations and healthcare clinical spaces. From design to the business of design, Maria found her passion in developing human capability as the competitive business advantage. Realizing the power of enhanced team roles, she began to help independent business owners in architecture and related fields to create purposeful and sustainable market appeal. Architectural and design firms were just the beginning; Maria’s process for fueling team contributions expanded to education, creative services firms, corporate team development and independent financial advisory firms. Maria’s vast experience has led to consulting engagements that re-shape the way business teams are formed and developed. Incorporating the principles of design to explore business challenges, express owner vision, and arrange team talents, Maria’s processes reveal the true purpose of businesses and their unique abilities to maintain relevance. Her work highlights a unique business culture by merging personal experience and education, and a desire for success, with problem-solving strengths, to fully engage professional capabilities, both individually and collaboratively in support of a shared business vision. Maria is a faculty member of The Life Transitions University™, Atlanta GA Alliance partner and instructor for Mastermind Power Connection,™ Atlanta GA Member of The Copernicus Institute, Incubator for Business Innovation Business Mentor, Catholic Charities Atlanta Georgia Find your fire. Fuel your business.