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The grown ups poster analysis

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The grown ups poster analysis

  1. 1. Grown ups The names of the protagonists have been used as the skyline of the poster. The use of these names attract the audience especially due to the fact that they are all connected with comedy and reassure the spectator about the quality of the film. The main image captures the main protagonists of the film. The setting indicates a child hood dream place while the water slides are what kids usually The subheading love. Their adheres the main performance with image of the male the use of body protagonists. “Boys language and facial will be boys…some expression indicates longer than others” the fact that they this phrase follows a enjoy playing like stereotypical kids. As with the use representation of men of props like the as acting childish even rubber ring connotes when they get older. their immature side. Men are represented as acting childish and like to play. This is The title of the film is juxtaposed to title of settles in the bottom of the film and the the poster. The stereotypical typography is big and blue representations of in order to stand out and men as being serious reinforce the male nature and mature. This of the film. attracts the target The release date is placed under the title and it is coloured red. It can be argued that the red colour connotes the danger audience which are people who enjoy of growing up. The fact that it is going to be in summer follows the main image and the idea of summer as being the watching comedies, families and kids. season that people have most fun than any other season. The promenade in between the main image The composition of the frame presents the and the title of the film creates a most important stars that look to act more representation about the protagonists. This childish in the front part in order to attract a representation is that even though they are wider range of audience. The canted angle supposed to be grown ups and in the same connotes the danger of acting childish when time act as ones they still act childish as the you are an adult and creates an anchorage main image suggests.This reinforces the with the red colour in the date of release. Also, comedy genre of the film and attract its the lightness of the image connotes the audience. humorous comedian genre of the film.