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ShopPing Targeted Rewards - What is ShopPing

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ShopPing Targeted Rewards - What is ShopPing

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ShopPing Targeted Rewards - What is ShopPing

  1. 1. ShopPing Targeted Rewards A mobile marketing SaaS web platform and consumer app What is ShopPing
  2. 2. What is ShopPing Targeted Rewards • ShopPing is a mobile notification (PING) based deal and rewards app • ShopPing Targeted Rewards is an affordable, cloud based SaaS mobile marketing platform • ShopPing drives targeted traffic in real time using GPS and beacon close proximity technologies • Targeted consumers are based on consumer selection as well as member parameters • ShopPing is real time notification and location based
  3. 3. Why it works ShopPing Targeted Rewards works because consumers select what they want to receive PINGS (mobile notifications) for based on preferences…and retailers and businesses push Pings based on age, gender and location. This simply means if Macy’s Stores creates a Ping for women’s summer dresses, then only women (within the age range defined) who have selected Macy’s as a favorite on the ShopPing app will receive the deal or reward Ping.
  4. 4. How it works • ShopPing Targeted Rewards is a global SaaS subscription based mobile marketing service which offers businesses a selection of plans to choose from based on the number of PINGS generated per month • Analytical data on Ping views, conversions, etc. will assist in managing the service • ShopPing is managed via a cloud based web management platform
  5. 5. • Subscribers will have the ability to create and save location sections to include a number of stores, a region, a state, a country, etc. • Subscribers will create an account profile for each location, region, state, etc. with the most important data being the GPS location • Where many stores exist within a close proximity or a particular vendor at a venue or amusement park, beacon technology with be offered to accurately locate the business
  6. 6. • A Ping is created by selecting the location(s) and inputting name, title and description of the deal or reward • The schedule or time period, which can consist of a few hours of a day to a number of days to weeks is selected. In the case of generating a Ping deal effective on a particular day, the start and end time of day can be determined • The targeted consumer by gender(s) and the age range are selected • The relevant category(s) of the type or name of brand, business, hotel, etc. is selected • Finally the distance from location is set which, with a beacon package, can be as little as a few feet (for pedestrian foot traffic) or 100-200 feet without a beacon to up to many miles.
  7. 7. • A Ping deal can be generated in minutes and be valid immediately or pre-set for a different time, day or period of time • A Ping deal can be stopped as anytime or restarted at a later time • Multiple Pings can be generated at the same time for different products with different deals, e.g. same product in different colors for different genders, etc. • Each Ping created generates a QR code (other scannable bar codes will be available on a future build) from the unique alpha/numeric code assigned which is then entered into the POS equipment. After this, when the QR code is scanned from the consumers phone, the deal or reward is automatically associated with the sale
  8. 8. The ShopPing App • Within the ShopPing app the consumer adds their age and gender • The consumer selects from a range of categories which include retailers, brands, restaurants, cuisine, hotels, venues and much more and saves them to their favorites page
  9. 9. • A National or Global chain or individual retailers of goods and services • A National or Global Brand • A particular restaurant, chain or a particular cuisine • Hotels and Resorts (worldwide) • Arenas, Stadiums other Venues or specific events or activities i.e., sports, music, etc. Example of types of PINGS
  10. 10. • Pings will be received on consumers phones based on their distance from a location along with the distance selected by the business • Pings are in real time prompting the user to take advantage of a deal immediately • Users will be notified in the app when new businesses join and can instantly save or dismiss • Users will never receive Pings for selections not made • Multiple deals within a close proximity will be displayed with a slide-to- view button • Deals can be recalled within the app if not wanted right away as long as the deal is still valid
  11. 11. Mindblam Technologies, Inc. Mario M Horvath – Founder and CEO Peter Carlstrom – COO Shannon Brigham - CMO info@mindbl.am 888-666-1286 Mindbl.am Shop-Ping.info