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  2. i n t r o d u c t i o n Misbehavior inchildrenisacommontraitforthis generation. Parents often worryabouttheirkidswillgrowupto becomegoodpeople ifthey areso muchannoyedand misbehave sobluntly. Forexample, some childrenmaybeboredorfrustrated becausetheycannotexpress themselves well and others mightjust wantattention fromtheir parents.
  3. Reasons why kids misbehave They wantattention They’reimitating someone Theyhavebigemotions
  4. They want attention When parents talk on the phone, visit with frinds or family, or are otherwise occupied, kids feel left out. They’re imitating someone Kid’s learn how to behave by watching others. They have big emotions Sometimes kids have no idea what to do about their feelings. They may become easly overwhelmed when they feel angry.
  5. Proper attention Give more time to your children. Plan a short trip together or take them out on a picnic on the weekend. Limit your child’s exposure to aggressive behavior on TV, in video games, and in real life. Teach kid’s about feelings and show them healthy ways to manage their emtions. The remedies for childs misbehavior
  6. Socialization Isues Major social issues. There are a lot of social issues we are facing right now, some moe prominent than the others. First of all, poverty is a world wide issue.It gives birth to a lot of other social issues which we must try to get away with at the earliest.A social issue is a problem that affects many people in a society. It is often the consequence of a factor extendingbeyond an individual’scontrol What are the effects of social issues? One of the major effects is that our harmonydisturbed and in the society there is hostility and suspicion.These also result in large-scale social dissatisfactionand create suffering and misery.
  7. Factors of Socialization Family School
  8. Factors of Socialization Peers Mass media
  9. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES ON SOCIALIZATION ISSUES Academic cheating, church state separation, hacking Evolution education, gangs, hate speech Suicide, urban sprawl, unions
  10. Socialization is just as essential to us individuals. Social interaction provides the means via which we gradually become able to see ourselves through the eyes of others, and how we learn who we are and how we fit into the world around us. The concern of socialization
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