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Newsletter 4th term

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  1. 1. DECEMBER 2016 -first term 2016-2017 1) MEETING IN FINLAND – LARSMO Italian team prepared a song for equality. Partners signed the international equality compromise. New paragraph was added in ping pong story. Coordinator brought us the documents about Europass, completed and signed. Every partner gave cards, letters and presents for Finnish students and all partners exchanged presents. We made some changes in the calendar of the video conference.
  2. 2. Data Base. Equality Activities: Coordinator explained that all partners have to translate every activity in mother tongue and in English languge. Then we will upload in database about 10-12 activities that are used in partner’s school to work about equality. And we can also translate into our language activities from every partner. Equality Library: Coordinator explained that all partners have to upload about 20 books that can be used to teach equality and fill in the database. We made a plan activities for the next year (f.e. famous woman, equality defenders, pioneer woman). Finland team presented the “triangle for special education”, “KiVa – school” in theory / in practice and “tablets in daily work”. Visiting the city of Jakobstad, hiking on local trial and following finnish traditions and sauna near to Larsmo area, visiting the town hall of Larsmo, presentation of the curriculum in Finland, guited tour in Larsmo area. Coordinator’s meeting. Greece wrote the minutes and Poland made the evaluation.
  3. 3. 2. PING-PONG STORY Finland, Italy and Turkey added new paragraphs for the ping pong story. Before meeting in Turkey, we will have finished the ping pong story. 3. QUESTIONNAIRE ABOUT GAMES AND TOYS We received before Christmas the questionnaire an we have to fill in it and then to present the results. It’s about non sexist and non violent games and toys, we would like to help our pupils to ask for this types of games in Christmas. 4. PARTNERS EXCHANGED CHRISTMAS CARDS
  4. 4. 5. SOME OTHERS ACTIVITIES IN PROCESS FROM SEPT - DEC 2016 Becoming equality defenders. Missions for them at school, at home in our towns. A women I admire. The most important national and international equality defenders. 6. VIDEOCONFERENCES Videoconferences among partners took place according to new calendar, in Larsmo. 7. MEETING IN TURKEY Some partners asked about meeting in Turkey, because of the recent situation there. Most partners have declared that european civilization based in the values of democracy, freedom, dialogue, acceptation of different opinion. According to these values, fear can't win us.