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Instructional Tool Review

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Instructional Tool Review

  1. 1. GRAMMAR GAMES?!?Instructional Tool ReviewBy Mark Blaauw-Hara
  2. 2. CONTEXT ALP (Accelerated Learning Program)  12 college-level students  8 developmental students  College-level essays, extra time and support
  3. 3. ONE BUGABOO: “STANDARD” GRAMMAR Complex on philosophical and pedagogical grounds. Class marker, tied to socioeconomic mobility. How to teach it? (students) (grammar)
  4. 4. “BLENDED” APPROACH? Shift away from “seat-time” mentality. Provide benefits of out-of-class computer work— independence, ability to repeat basic concepts, free up time in-class for higher-level work. Search for computer-based resources:  Free  Fun  (e)Ffective (I’m gonna light it!)
  5. 5. WAIT…ONLY TWO? Myriad “worksheet” ones. After an exhaustive search…found two better ones.  Grammar Ninja (free online)  wiseHopper (free iPad/iPhone)
  6. 6. GRAMMAR NINJA Grammar Ninja Link
  7. 7. (kind of like…)WISEHOPPER wiseHopper Link
  8. 8. ANALYSIS Not ideal pedagogically—no rhetorical context.  No purpose, audience, writer.  No free-play; rules-based, absolute. Possibly useful for establishing common vocabulary and basic understanding.  Ability to repeat, go at own pace, compete, have fun.  Improve sentence recognition.  Scaffold to higher-level in-class discussions and writing activities.
  9. 9. THANK YOU! (…and Rock and Roll will never die.)