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Long Copy vs. Short Copy

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Long Copy vs. Short Copy

  1. Long Copy vs. Short Copy:How discovering the optimal length of a webpageproduced a 220% increase in conversion#webclinicEducational funding provided by:
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  3. #webclinic4TODAY’S PRESENTERDr. Flint McGlaughlin – Managing Director, MECLABSFlint McGlaughlin is the Managing Director of MECLABS Group. Theorganization has partnered with key market leaders including TheNew York Times, Microsoft Corporation, and Reuters Group.Dr. McGlaughlin also serves as the Director of Enterprise Research atthe Transforming Business Institute, University of Cambridge (UK), asthe Chairman of the Board of Governors for St. Stephen’s University,and as a Trustee for Westminster Theological Centre. Dr. McGlaughlinoriginally studied Philosophy and Theology at the University ofLondon’s Specialist Jesuit College.Today, his primary research is focused on enterprise as transformativeagent. His work has won multiple awards and has been quoted inmore than 13,000 online and offline sources.
  4. #webclinic5EXPERIMENT: BACKGROUNDBackground: A company that provides personal psychological evaluations tocurious individuals.Goal: To increase free assessment sign up rate.Research Question: Which landing page will result in the highest completedassessments?Test Design: A/B Variable cluster testExperiment ID: TP1001Record Location: MECLABS Research LibraryResearch Partner: [Protected]Research Notes:
  5. #webclinic6EXPERIMENT: RESULTS16.52% 19.95% 23.14% 25.40%Conversion increases as page-length decreasesControl T1 T2 T354%INCREASE IN CONVERSION
  6. #webclinic7THE EFFECTIVENESS OF SHORT COPYKey Principles1. One of the most effective ways to increase conversion is to decrease friction.Indeed, our experiments suggest that there is a disproportionately high returnon efforts to reduce friction.2. Copy-length is often the easiest form of friction to reduce.
  7. #webclinic8NOT THIS, BUT THISNot this But this43%INCREASE IN CONVERSION
  8. #webclinic9NOT THIS, BUT THISNot this But this138%INCREASE IN CONVERSION
  9. #webclinic10NOT THIS, BUT THISNot this But this5%INCREASE IN CONVERSION
  10. #webclinic11NOT THIS, BUT THISNot thisBut this29%INCREASE IN CONVERSION
  11. #webclinic12However, short copy does notalways outperform long copy….LONG COPY VS. SHORT COPY
  12. #webclinicEXPERIMENT: BACKGROUNDExperiment ID: (Protected)Location: MarketingExperiments Research LibraryTest Protocol Number: TP1662Background: An addiction and mental health rehabilitation facility.Goal: Increase the total number of leads captured.Primary Research Question: Which page will obtain the most formsubmissions?Approach: A/B multi-factor split testResearch Notes:
  13. #webclinic14EXPERIMENT: CONTROL• Average short-form pagetemplate with a rotatingbanner.• Call to action is on the righthand side and above “thefold”.Control
  14. #webclinicEXPERIMENT: TREATMENTTreatment - Top
  15. #webclinicEXPERIMENT: TREATMENTTreatment – Middle
  16. #webclinicEXPERIMENT: TREATMENTTreatment – Bottom
  17. #webclinic18EXPERIMENT: SIDE-BY-SIDETreatment• The treatment is nearly2x the length of thecontrol and the call-to-action is at the bottomof the page.Control
  18. #webclinic19EXPERIMENT: CONTROLDesign Conversion RateControl 0.78%Treatment 2.48%Relative Difference 220%220% Increase in Total ConversionThe treatment page increased the rate of conversion by 220% What you need to understand: By utilizing a single-column, long-copyapproach, the treatment better guides the prospect’s thought process andgenerates 220% more leads online.
  19. #webclinic20WHY THE DIFFERENT RESPONSES?Short Copy Wins Long Copy WinsWhy did short copy winin one test and long copyin another?
  20. #webclinic21LONG COPY VS. SHORT COPYKey Principles1. One of the most effective ways to increase conversion is to decreasefriction. Indeed, our experiments suggest there is a disproportionately highreturn on efforts to reduce friction. Copy-length is often the easiest form offriction to reduce.2. However, friction does not exist on the page, it exists in the mind of yourcustomer. The goal of the marketer is not simply to decrease page length,but rather mental effort.3. Many times, adding copy to a page is required to guide the visitor’s thoughtsequence to a purchase decision. In fact, our testing suggests a directrelationship between the cost/complexity of an offer and the amount ofinformation that is required to achieve a conversion.
  21. #webclinic22Copy Length FactorMatrixNatureofOfferCostLow commitmentLow anxietySimpleImpulsePurchaseHigh commitmentHigh anxietyComplexRequiresAnalysisLawyerInsurancePolicyMedicalHouseWeddingPhotographerMusic CDSurveysCharitableDonationShort CopyWorks BetterLong CopyWorks BetterFreeTrialsShort Copy WinsLong Copy Wins
  22. #webclinic23OPTIMAL COPY LENGTH CHECKLISTWhat is the nature of your product? Is it a “high-cost” or a “high-anxiety” product?Or does your offer require little commitment on the part of the customer?How complex is your product? Does it require much explanation? Or is it graspedquickly with little explanation?How much does your visitor know prior to arriving on your web page? Is this theirfirst exposure? Or are they coming in from a channel in which they were already soldon the offer?Does all the copy either express or support the value proposition? If not, it is wasteand can be eliminated.Can the layout of the page be adjusted so that the most essential information is in avertically-flowing main column and all supporting (unnecessary) copy is in asecondary column?
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