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Outbound lead generation pipeline, perfected with Leadbook

  1. Award-Winning B2B Customer Intelligence Database Intelligent prospecting starts here. Take control of your leads with Leadbook. Version 2017/06/1
  2. In Today’s World Nearly 80% of marketers said intelligent prospecting provided significant benefits to retain and expand client relationships. Marketo 80% Intelligent prospecting directly addresses sales/marketing alignment, challenging the 50% of sales time wasted on unproductive prospecting. The B2B Lead 50% Salesperson’s actual time spent searching for new business in non- selling activities such as processing bad data, researching prospects info or doing data entry. Gartner 67%
  3. Don’t count the people you reach; reach the people that count. Inbound was all the rage in the last 5 to 7 years. Now it’s harder to rise above the noise, and companies are getting immune to content marketing. Today’s most successful companies are making a fundamental change. They’re moving to targeted engagement models that focus with precision on the right targets, so they can get to know their prospects and deliver the right message at the right time.
  4. Snapshot A B2B customer intelligence database, Leadbook equips businesses with accurate prospect information to reduce research time, personalize conversations and close more deals. Self Serve Access the information you need immediately without the need of heavy training. Onboard teams faster and decrease time to first sale. Relevant In addition to contact and account information, Leadbook provides high-quality business firmographics and intelligence on both individuals and companies teams can use to personalize their conversations. Verified Get real-time verification of the contact information, including business email address. Updated Prevent contact data decay with data refresh done every 90 days and free of charge. Records are stored online so you will never purchase duplicates from us. Integrated Export your contacts with one click right into Zapier, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Pipedrive or CSV. Accurate Our proprietary machine learning algorithm references multiple public data sources to increase the overall accuracy of our data in comparison to other data providers. Fast Create and export lists of in mere seconds. Reduce research time up to 67%. Comprehensive Access 64 million verified contacts, from 7,000,000 organisations in 90 industries across 145 countries. Cost Effective Only pay for verified data and choose plans that suit your requirements. Information that cannot be verified is free of charge, even when it is accurate.
  5. Customer Intelligence Database Countries 145 Industries 90 Organisations 7M Executive Contacts 64M Job Titles, Seniority, and Function. Company Name, Description, Number of Employees Revenue and Age. More than 30 standard industries and 32 sub-industries. Country, State, City, Headquarters and Operational Locations.
  6. Account-Based Selling Go-To-Market Insights Database EnrichmentNew Lead Generation Your database should work for you, not against you. Don’t buy a list. Build a pipeline of prospects and lower your cost-per-lead (CPL) Move quickly from insight to strategy to action. Target better accounts and increase time-to- revenue (TTR) Use Cases High-quality contact and account data is just the beginning.
  7. Account-Based Selling Target better accounts by using tighter segmentations, and faster connection paths, all enabled by the industry’s most accurate company and contact database. View accounts as a single entity, pooling individual employee contacts to build your best route to success in account based selling. Accelerate revenue growth by identifying and targeting more of your ideal prospects on a global scale. Focus On Accounts That Matter Identify new and existing accounts across 90 industries that are most likely to convert, at scale. Multi-criteria search functionalities give teams the ability to find, prioritise, and sort accounts based on their ideal customer profiles. Surface your highest priority accounts and ensure all teams have complete visibility of potential customers. Navigate the maze of corporate buying and expand your network of opportunities Access 64 million executive contacts to identify all key players and decision makers on the buying committee. Plan sales territories based on firmographics and give every sales individual a greater shot at success. Peer into each account’s web of professional executives to grow your network and build bridges to cross-sell opportunities. This also lessen the tendencies of losing touch with an account as there is more decision makers onboard. With Leadbook’s 90 days data update cycle, stay up-to-date on employee movements so you can reach out and build new relationships. Use insights to develop intelligent and personalized outreach Leverage key firmographics and up-to-date insights about organizations and their key employees. Besides creating account segments, utilise these actionable data to tailor your messaging and outreach. Zoom in on social profiles, such as Linkedin, found within each unlocked prospect’s profile. Buyer-centric messaging, customized to each individual account and prospects, provides significant uplift in email conversion rates.
  8. New Lead Generation Expand your target audience through keyword search and filters that best describe the dimensions of your ideal buyer persona. Our platform shows you the shortest distance between you and a sale, saving you time and energy. Find quality leads as simply as searching the web with Leadbook. Uncover new business opportunities Discover millions of new business opportunities by industry, location, headcount, revenue and many other data points. No more hunting across the internet for your next lead one- by-one and paying for stale leads. With 7 million companies and 64 million professionals, Leadbook is transforming B2B prospecting by providing insightful information. Build verified lists of contacts Build high quality, hyper-targeted prospect lists consisting of multiple decision makers or prospects. Constantly feed your sales pipeline with verified lists of relevant business prospects straight from our database, and accelerate the growth of your business. These highly targeted lists of prospects are complete with up-to-date email addresses, phone numbers, and a full profile. Automate the process of finding and prioritizing new prospects, keeping your team engaged and proactive. Leadbook delivers consistency and reliability as your preferred prospecting source. Maintain an up-to-date prospecting database Prevent contact data decay with data refresh done every 90 days and free of charge. Records are stored online so you will never purchase duplicates from Leadbook.
  9. Database Enrichment Prospect and customer data changes constantly – at a rate of up to 70% per year.* The quality of the foundational data directly impacts pipeline effectiveness. Bad data stifles demand, inhibits growth, and incurs significant costs. Leadbook gives sales and marketing teams a competitive edge by enriching their existing lists of leads and CRM data with relevant and accurate business information. Grow your database Get actionable insights, including location, market geographies, and employee information, to help warm leads and power conversations from first touch to deal close. Verified information helps you to clean and enrich your current database with rich demographic and firmographic data. This reduces database decay, increase lead volume, conversions and engagement. Continuous Data Refresh Leadbook eliminates the risk of purchasing static prospect lists. Our database is updated every 90 days, ensuring ongoing data integrity of every company profiled and enabling teams to focus on what matters – closing deals. You will never purchase duplicates from us as we keep an online repository tracking all unlocked contacts, viewable on the platform. Export with Ease You can’t turn faulty CRM’s and MAT’s data into revenue. Leadbook’s database leverage on commercial sources to fill in the gaps and deliver new insights about your prospects. Improve your CRM Health by removing duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete data. Check your existing marketing and CRM data for duplication and gaps, such as missing contact information, incorrect employee counts, outdated revenue, and missing industry codes. Export with ease to CSV, Zapier, Pipedrive, Salesforce and SugarCRM. *Source: Biznology
  10. Go-To-Market Insights Leadbook’s powerful platform provides you with a comprehensive view of an entire market and it is all done in minutes. Fuel your go-to-market activities by using Leadbook to quickly analyze market segments, identify possible customers and partners. A full supply-side database that enhances your growth opportunities with access to millions of global business profiles and puts you in the driver’s seat. Define and expand your addressable market With clean data and more accurate information, you will get a better picture of your total addressable market (TAM). Find more prospects that match your targeting criteria from our extensive attribute classifications to expand your market. Identify new growth opportunities, size new markets, and uncover revenue in different geographies, lines of business, and/or industries with robust business insights through our platform. Go To Market Faster Move quickly from insight to strategy to action. Equipped with business insights about 7 million organisations across 145 countries, teams now have the ability to expand into new sectors, segments and geographies, even if they have no historical data or success in those areas. Rather than cold starts, accelerate your launch into new markets by quickly building new pipelines of partners and prospects. Eliminate the whitespace in your target market Identify the gaps in your total addressable market (TAM) and current data through our comprehensive database based on desired attributes, territories, and segments. Tap into the whitespace between your current target markets and your total addressable market to instantly create a larger pool of ideal prospects for your teams to hunt. Import net new prospect lists, complete with firmographics, into your marketing automation or CRM systems to instantly expand your total addressable market with more of your ideal target customers.
  11. Easy Steps to Get Started
  12. FIND relevant accounts for your business VERIFY contacts in real time INTEGRATE with your CRM Build lists of targeted accounts in a few clicks for an effective outbound lead generation pipeline. Unlocking a contact will trigger a real-time verification and release detailed information. Export your list of target accounts and contacts in CSV or right into your CRM to speed up your process.
  13. FIND relevant accounts for your business Search for companies and prospects with advanced search criteria to generate fresh leads at scale. Use keyword search or filters to classify your outbound leads based on custom attributes: Company name, description, location, industry, company size, and employee job titles. Research as you work Quickly discover additional company or contact information with a quick search directly from our Chrome extension. You can easily toggle between Linkedin and Leadbook without having to re-enter information.
  14. VERIFY contacts in real-time Only Pay For Verified Leads. Unlocking a contact will trigger a real-time verification and release detailed information. This is done instantly by our infrastructure servers. Verified contacts include a verified business email address. Information that cannot be verified is free of charge, even when it is accurate. Updates Are Free Of charge. Leadbook provides free-of-charge data refresh and easy access to new contacts. You data is maintained online to avoid duplicates,
  15. INTEGRATE WITH YOUR CRM, MARKETING OR SALES TOOLS Speed up your process and create better alignment with quick export. Export your list of target accounts and contacts with one click right into Zapier, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Pipedrive or CSV. Share the company and contact information between users.
  16. Trusted By 100+ brands
  17. Endorsed By Leading Organisations
  18. Awards and Recognitions SPRING & IDA The Technology Enterprise Commercialisation (TECS) Scheme award recognizes technology excellence in Singapore. Awardees are chosen based on a list of stringent judging criteria which includes assessing businesses for astute leadership, value creation through innovation effectiveness, and future growth potential. TECS Award Microsoft Bizspark Leadbook is the recipient of the prestigious Microsoft BizSpark Plus Award for start-ups or scale-ups considered to have high potential in their markets. The BizSpark Plus program is part a global strategic initiative to help startups succeed with Microsoft Azure cloud services, software and support. Microsoft Bizspark Plus Award IE Singapore & TIE Poised for global business excellence, IE Singapore provided the opportunity for Leadbook to expand its global footprint by having the team represent Singapore at TiECon Silicon Valley 2016. This event aims to bridge startups with an active community of Silicon Valley’s investors, VCs and mentors to expand their business. TIE Silicon Valley Chapter Start-Up Market Access Japan SPRING & MITI Leadbook is one of the few selected companies representing Singapore’s best innovations in Japan. The judging criteria is based on the organization’s vision and mission, business model, achievements and others. The team was warmly received by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and a multitude of Japan companies.
  19. 10 leads per month No Exports $0USD per month 50 leads per month (Billed Monthly) 600 leads per year (Billed Annually) $20USD per month 300 leads per month (Billed Monthly) 3,600 leads per year (Billed Annually) $90USD per month 140 leads per month (Billed Monthly) 1,680 leads per year (Billed Annually) $50USD per month Free Silver Gold Platinum Now that you’ve seen an in-depth look at intelligent prospecting, you’ll notice distinct differences between Leadbook and a traditional approach. Benefits Lifetime Online Access Discover Business Opportunities Build Targeted Lists In Seconds Find Verified Contacts All Leads Updated Free Unlimited Search and Segmentation $204Per year $504Per year $900Per year Only Pay For Verified Data. Updates Are Free Of Charge You consume your usage cap only when you unlock an organisation profile or obtain a verified contact.
  20. Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme Singapore businesses are eligible to PIC subsidies on their annual subscriptions. Visit IRAS website for more information.
  21. IE Singapore and Leadbook Collaboration IE referred Singapore businesses can speed up their entry into new international markets by leveraging Leadbook’s comprehensive database. Enjoy free additional 50% verified leads for every paid subscription, customised 1-to-1 work session with a Leadbook expert in refining their go-to-market strategy and Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) subsidies on any annual subscription Visit IE Singapore & Leadbook Collaboration webpage for more information.
  22. Find. Verify. Integrate. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AND TO FIND OUT HOW THE LEADBOOK CAN ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS: REEVE LUI, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (+65) 8218 9943 Leadbook is a global customer intelligence database with 64,000,000 contacts from 7,000,000 organisations across 145 countries. From data acquisition to data enrichment, our proprietary artificial intelligence technology assets will boost your capabilities to discover key prospects within seconds. Users only pay for verified data and benefit from updates free of charge. Our customers, businesses of all sizes, are using our cloud-based platform for go-to-market insights, account based selling and lead generation. Sign up today for a lifetime free account.

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