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5 Marketing Strategies for Customer Engagement

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Marketers have to adopt new strategies in 2017 to win in the engagement economy. Join Neha Shah, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Marketo, and Kyra Johanson, Associate Product Marketing Manager at Marketo, as they share the results of our first-ever Marketing Benchmark Survey, highlighting what the most savvy marketers are doing to engage their customers in valuable, long-term relationships. You’ll walk away with 5 guiding insights into how to set your strategy for the year ahead.

You’ll learn:

- What strategies marketers adopt to engage customers in 2017
- How Marketo empowers Marketers to build these authentic relationships

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  • Thanks for the informative post. The central point of success for every e-commerce company is customer acquisition and retention. However, consumers today have plethora of choices and they are not afraid to choose other options at the drop of a hat. This makes it imperative for companies to be strategic about customer retention through continuous engagement. Partnering with customer service companies for e-commerce can ensure strong traction over customer engagement since customer service & experience is not one size fits all. Streamlining processes and empowering staff is necessary to make sure each customer interaction is personalized and satisfying. Read here the latest few vital customer engagement strategies http://gizmosupport.com/blog/3-vital-customer-engagement-strategies-for-e-commerce/
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