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Delivering the Goods: The Path to Improving MQL to Opp Rate by 10x+

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Sales wants more leads. But that doesn’t mean they will settle for just any leads. They want good-fit ones that will close quickly.
Despite offering a winning product, Mendix found itself struggling to deliver high-quality leads to its sales team and close new deals in a reasonable amount of time. With a protracted MQL-to-Opp conversion rate, Mendix knew they had to do something to either improve the quality of the leads being passed to sales, or increase efficiencies throughout the process, or both.
Watch Anh Ly, Marketing Systems Admin at Mendix, and DeAnn Poe, VP of Marketing at DiscoverOrg, discuss how Mendix was able to deliver more qualified leads to the sales team while also reducing prospect research time and enabling more informed follow-up. The end result: improving their MQL to Opportunity conversion by 14 times!

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