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How to Make Every Experience Epic - Webinar jul19

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We all know that navigating through the challenges of the evolving marketing landscape can be a massive hurdle for any company. It’s no longer about whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C markets, but rather ‘B2E’ – business to everything, everyone, everywhere. In the 'B2E' world, it’s important to understand that buying behaviours have converged and are now driven by both technological and cultural change.

Join our webinar based on the results of a new European survey of B2B buyers and marketers, 'How to make every experience epic' on July 18th @ 11AM hosted by Marketo's Senior Marketing Director, Peter Bell. He will share insights on how human nature and customer nurture are key to attracting and retaining today’s customers.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

The impact of generational attitudes and social norms.
Potential flashpoints in your demand generation funnel.
How to deliver Account-Based Experiences that drive revenue.

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