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What B2B marketers know and B2C marketers need to learn…

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Buying Journeys. Relationships. Conversations. The idea of nurturing a customer from their first click through a purchase and beyond is all in a day’s job for a B2B marketer. So, why is this relevant for today’s B2C marketer? Simply put — it’s all about the need for engagement.

B2C marketers have spent more than a decade mastering the arts of display advertising, SEM, social activation, and “programmatic”. And maybe it worked; you got the click! But now what? Marketers must learn see that first instant of interaction as the start of a long term engaging conversation, not the successful end point of a traffic acquisition strategy.

It turns out that B2B marketers, using today’s generation of marketing automation and engagement marketing applications, have gotten very good at building long-term engaging relationships with buyers spanning the full range of digital, social, and mobile channels.

Marketo’s CEO and President Phil Fernandez share his insights on what B2C marketers can learn from their B2B colleagues (and maybe a few things that B2B marketers can learn too!).

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