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Prove and Improve Your Marketing Impact in 2021

Many marketing teams are starting 2021 with limited resources, so it is more important than ever before to make your marketing dollars count and consistently optimize your marketing strategy. Fortunately, we have an expert who can help set you up on the right path.

Watch our webinar, Prove and Improve Your Marketing Impact in 2021. Featured speaker Matt Erstad, Solutions Consultant at Adobe, will discuss the overall importance of attribution, the two different models that can be applied to your marketing strategy, and how to incorporate automation to increase efficiency and productivity at scale this year.

During this webinar, you will:
-Discover the key differences between attribution and analytics, and why both must come together for successful digital campaigns
-Get an idea of the challenges marketers face when it comes to connecting ROI to marketing efforts
-Learn more about the two most-used attribution models, their pros and cons, and see which one may better align with your business needs
-Gain a better understanding of what the automation process of attribution looks like, and the fundamental approaches you’ll need to know

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