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The New Age of Marketing: Predicting, Planning and Prepping for 2021

It’s about time we start wrapping up 2020! Even though everyone wants this year to finally be over, when it comes to planning for 2021, we need to be real. There are tons of valuable takeaways and lessons we need to take with us if we want to be sure that 2021 is as successful as possible.

We want to help make 2021 an amazing year! Watch Michael Madden, Director of Commercial Demand Generation, Adobe Experience Cloud for his webinar: The New Age of Marketing: Predicting, Planning, and Prepping for 2021.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
• Which key takeaways from 2020 we should keep in mind going forward
• Essential planning tools for the new year
• Tips on how you can prepare to be successful in 2021

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